3 ball billiards rules

6. Three-ball (or "3-ball", colloquially) is a folk game of pool played with any three standard pool object balls and cue ball. The "one tie, all tie" rule, with re-ante betting rounds became an instant catalyst for the popularity of the game. If a player during the "warm-up" stroking should touch the cue ball, it is a foul and the player's inning ends. The player has one inning or turn consisting of four (4) strokes only to attempt to pocket all three balls. Website design by Synaptic Web Co, UNITED STATES BILLIARD ASSOCIATION THREE-CUSHION RULES. Ties are carried over, making for a wild game indeed as you’ll see below. The game is frequently gambled upon (typically for a twenty dollars (or equivalent) ante per round). If the cue ball moves slightly when the player’s hand is placed on the table to form a bridge when addressing the cue ball (usually because of loose cloth), then it is NOT a foul. Short of sharking the player with distractions during their stroke, any amount of discussion, bargaining and advice can be shared with the player. If, for reasons beyond the player’s control, a player cannot start a game as scheduled, the game may be postponed if the tournament director so decides. Under tournament conditions, a single round usually consists of three[4] or five[3] games (innings) per player (with each player's individual inning scores added to calculate their final score for the round), and a match may consist of several multi-inning rounds, back-to-back or spread out over a period of time (even weeks). Eight Ball is a call shot game played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls, numbered 1 through 15. (i) Shooting into a frozen cushion (Rule 9). The incoming player may accept the balls as they lie, or set up the balls for a break shot. [1] A shot in which the player pocketed one or more object balls but also fouled incur a one-point penalty – a foul always results in a penalty of 1 point. Verbal calling also eliminates score cheating. A player is allowed to place chalk anywhere on the rail or frame so long as that placement does not remain to assist the player in executing the shot when the shot is stroked. (d) The winner of the lag has the choice of cue balls, which is then used for the duration of the game. It really doesn’t matter what balls are to be set up in the rack to be hit on the break. I have a question to ask you. (c) The winner of the lag has the right to the break shot or to assign the break shot to the opponent. If the ball returns to the table, then the ball shall remain where it comes to rest on the playing surface. [2], The modern game of three-ball appears to have originated from an earlier game of the same name, played as a rotation game with the 1 through 3 balls, and the same rules as nine-ball, but with the 3 taking the place of the 9. The object of the game is to sink all of the object balls in as few strokes as possible, with points being added to the player's score for each stroke and for specific fouls. There are no widespread official or standardized rules for three-ball,[5][6] though local tournaments promulgate rulesets that have some sway over area player populations even outside the context of the tournaments. It is not a foul to do a weak break that fails to drive balls to cushions or into pockets. "kick off that rail to the 7-to-4 ball combo into this side pocket"), as per typical North American barroom eight-ball played on coin-operated tables. are heard. Enjoy! Three-ball (or "3-ball", colloquially) is a folk game of pool played with any three standard pool object balls and cue ball. (h) Shooting off and moving a frozen ball (Rule 8). enable_page_level_ads: true [citation needed]. (c) Such a foul can be called any time during a run, but the player shall be entitled to all points made before the stroke in which the foul was detected. 1. It is also considered sportsmanlike to simply concede defeat before reaching this number if victory or a tie is clearly impossible; when conceding, one is scored at the cut-off number, not the number one conceded at (e.g. The cue ball is positioned on the head spot (kitchen) for breaking. At any tournament sanctioned by the USBA, the tournament director plus another member of the USBA who is not playing in the tournament shall constitute two members of a four person grievance committee to whom unsportsmanlike conduct during the tournament may be reported.

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