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Challenge your team to come up with at least 3 further opposite words for each word e.g. What is our motivation for creating this product? For example, who is this product targeting? For example: “5 Strategies for Improving Employee Engagement” can become “5 Activities for Improving Employee Collaboration.”. Younger students might need help to get started, but you might be surprised what they come up with! Looking at things in a fresh, new way can trigger a whole train-load of thoughts, and that’s the essence of effective brainstorming. It begins with planning, including choosing the right group size, appointing and training a group facilitator, and organizing the location setup. While you may need more time for more complex topics, try to get them thinking quickly without challenging the adequacy of their individual ideas. //Add an onSuccess handler If you find groupthink is still affecting your class, check out this variation on group brainstorming by a former middle school teacher and current college professor John Spencer: Students will likely need more practice in brainstorming after this lesson. In Box 2, write Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced to indicate how much of an expert your target audience is on the general topic. Collect the cards at the end of the round, shuffle them again and repeat the process! This is what you probably imagine first when you picture a brainstorming session. Set a time limit. Productive group brainstorming can really feel like a win: The team leaves feeling energized, accomplished, and excited for the next steps. Group brainstorming can help solve that problem by breaking the class into small teams that each brainstorm together before presenting their ideas to the group. Group brainstorming can be a valuable tool that allows for innovative ideas and varied perspectives when tackling a problem. Anyone can earn The time constraint can also prevent people from talking themselves out of an idea before they share it with a group—a common brainstorming mishap. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site experience, Keys To Your Future: College and Career Planning, Webinar | Remote Learning & Health Education. Each student should try to suggest at least one idea before time runs out – encourage them to speak up and contribute. Choose a topic that’s fun, but be sure not to encourage the students to actually follow through with their ideas! These group brainstorming techniques will help structure your brainstorming session for maximum efficiency, and if you need an extra boost of creative energy, check out these creativity quotes to invigorate you and your team. Pick a blog post title: either an existing one, or a brand new idea. unhealthy technology. Use this process to encourage objectivity and distance from a problem, and start a more creative problem solving process. While you may need more time for more complex topics, try to get them thinking quickly without challenging the adequacy of their individual ideas. Also, this brainstorming method removes some barriers that usually restrict creative thinking, like budget and time. Make sure the prompt you provide is clear, simple, and open-ended – the goal is to generate the most responses possible. In the story we just read, how else could the main character solve the problem? Withholding criticisms during the idea-capture phase of the brainstorm is essential for achieving this benefit. It’s what gets your audience clicking, sharing, and converting. No suggestions are better or worse than the others; the goal is to get as many things on the board as possible in the allotted time.

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