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This is one of the most interesting white-tailed deer facts for kids. They do not have great eyesight, and some are even believed to be colour blind. A female deer is usually called a ‘doe’. Some of the large deer babies are also called calves. Fawns are protected by a lack of scent. Most deer are active throughout the day, though their most active times are during sunrise and dusk. Deer can also jump as high as 10 feet and as far as 30 feet, which is almost as long as a school bus. Deer have many ways they can protect themselves from other animals that are trying to hunt them. Deer love to eat all kinds of plants, flowers, berries, and vegetables. 10 Best Parental Control Apps to Install in Your Phone, 15 Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes Ideas for the Fright Night. Bobcat. Chances are about 50–50. When the base was open, the deer were inadvertently fenced off an. Deer are known for being calm and gentle animals. Female reindeer, and male deer of all species except the Chinese water deer, grow and shed new antlers each … PicFacts(1-500) PicFacts(501-1000) PicFacts(1001-1500) PicFacts(1501-2000) PicFacts(2001-2500) PicFacts (2501-3000) PicFacts (3001-3500) PicFacts (3501-4000) PicFacts … Taxonomic Family: Cervidae. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. ADW, a resource written by and for college students at the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology, says there are 47 species. All deer species have antlers, except for the Chinese water deer. google_ad_slot = "9761313702"; Only one species of deer lives in Africa – the Red Deer. Deer are ruminant mammals belonging to the family Cervidae. Introduction to Deer. Fawns are weaned at two to five months of age. This whitetail deer can even jump a distance of 15 feet. The Southern pudu is smallest species in the deer family. They are also very good swimmers so can go through streams or other bodies of water to get away. Deer antlers are the fastest growing tissue on Earth! In some species, males establish territories, which encompass those of one or more females. They do not store food for winters. This is the taxonomy of deer, according to ITIS: Kingdom: Animalia Subkingdom: Bilateria Infrakingdom: Deuterostomia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Infraphylum: Gnathostomata Superclass: Tetrapoda Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Infraclass: Eutheria Order: Artiodactyla Family: Cervidae. Only two northern white rhinos remain. Within thirty minutes after they are born, the fawn takes its first steps. There are about 50 species, but there is some disagreement about cervid classification. Overall, most deer live 11 to 12 years, though many die long before then due to predators or environmental dangers such as collisions with cars. Depending on where you live, you might even see deer in your backyard! It died out about 11,000 years ago. Deer have one main stomach and three "false stomachs." A few deer species have meat in their diet although all deer species are herbivorous. 20 Fascinating Wolf Facts for Kids. Deer are beautiful creatures that are known for being gentle and calm. All male deer have antlers, with the exception of the Chinese Water Deer, which have tusks. Thank you for signing up to Live Science. Deer are unable to fully mature unless they reach a certain size, though how big they need to be varies depending on species. They live in wetlands, deciduous forests, grasslands, rain forests, arid scrublands and mountains. Although most deer are polygynous, some species are monogamous (e.g., European Roe deer). Deer in temperate areas breed during late autumn or early winter. They have a lot of muscles attached to their ears which allow them to turn their ears in any direction, without moving their heads. Some caribou herds can have as many as 100,000 members, according to ADW. Some of the most common animals that like to hunt deer are bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions. Though deer adapt very well to a lot of different habitats, they still prefer to live in areas often called the ‘edge’ locations. This family classification include well known animal like the Moose, Red Deer, Reindeer, Roe and Chital among others. Biologically speaking, deer are crepuscular; feeding mainly from before dawn until several hours after, and again from late afternoon until dusk. Interesting Tiger Facts & Information for Children They use their hooves to uncover leaves and moss when the snow is not deep. The moose or elk is the largest species in the deer family. google_ad_width = 160; The male deer grow antlers which fall off during the winters. The average speed for a deer is 35 miles per hour for a short distance. All rights reserved. The Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus or Megaceros) is a huge extinct deer and the largest known species of deer to have ever lived. Please support Cool Kid Facts by emailing or sharing! Deer Pictures. google_ad_height = 90; A thicker and fuller one will appear to keep them very warm in the winter time. This process involves partially chewing food, regurgitating it, and then chewing it more before it is able to be digested into the body. google_ad_width = 728; When the antlers are fully grown, the velvet dies and the deer will rub it off against a tree or other vegetation. Red deer Facts. The family is quite large, and includes caribou, elk, moose, muntjacs and wapiti. Deer appear in art from Palaeolithic cave paintings onwards, and they have played a role in mythology, religion, and literature throughout history, as well as in heraldry. Deer are herbivores; they only eat vegetation. Sometimes the females will have their own herd and the males will have a separate herd. Deer range from very large to very small. It is famous for its formidable size (about 2.1 meters (7 feet) at the shoulders), and in particular for having the largest antlers of any known deer (a maximum of 3.65 meters (12 feet) from … Sometimes, when human civilizations get too close to home, deer will even make themselves comfortable in urban settings.

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