explain some of the characteristics of new age spirituality and

3) Hard rock music is not a rallying point. It therefore is exacting, making no merciful provision for the sinner’s atonement.22, The New Ager will agree that Jesus Christ is God — his world view will allow that. Such moments of unanimity are important, because they often reveal the essential common values and bonds that explain the unity among the diversity of network viewpoints. The Third Jesus.

In contrast, New Agers offer definitions like the following: “The personal and spiritual growth of a person can be described as the transformation from a dependent human being to one who knows and feels that he/she is in charge of his/her life and acts upon it:”17 These radically different conceptions of growth are perfectly consistent with the radically different universes which Christians and New Agers believe they inhabit.

Just as they’ve embarked upon personal transformation by taking responsibility for their own lives, they believe that a critical mass of transformed individuals can take responsibility for society as a whole and bring about planetary transformation. A Gallup survey released a few years ago projected that 10 percent of Americans have participated in one of several New Age spiritual movements (including Transcendental Meditation, yoga, Oriental religions, and other forms of mysticism).9 Drawing upon this ground swell, the New Age move­ment has become a significant American spiritual and social force, existing alongside of the secular and religious establishments, competing with them for cultural dominance. A passing fad? Such mystical experiences are viewed as doorways to “personal transformation,” a lifelong growth process marked by increasing wholeness and personal power. The elimination of critical thinking. Though they are not explicitly religious, both movements have built numerous bridges to the worlds of mysticism and the occult. They move from one approach to “wholeness” to another in their spiritual journeys (firewalking as a means to “personal transformation” is the latest sensation!). Sire writes, “According to the Mayan Calendar a Harmonic Convergence was sched­uled to take place in August 1987.”[3] After this prediction failed to come to fruition, New Agers pointed forward to 2012 as the new date for the end of the Age of Aquarius. In the spiritual state, morality is impossible; if you wish for something for your self, even guidelines of principles, you’ve already separated yourself out from the One (and besides, everything is as it should be). Contemporary spirituality is also called "post-traditional spirituality" and "New Age spirituality". 376–377. New York.

In New Age thinking, the ego is our false view of ourselves as body or personality which must be transcended to achieve the stage of Enlightenment in this life. They claim that the Hebrew Scriptures teach that all humans are really divine, but we just fail to realize it. Long-term, exclusive devotion to a single teaching, teacher, or technique is not the norm. In fact, the New Age’s multiple, doorways to spiritual power and experience all open up to the same world that has been populated for millenia by witches, shamans, and mediums. Is there any objective reason that this is wrong? When they talk about “spiritual growth,” they mean something completely different as well. It views its ideas and programs as the wave of the fu­ture (not without some good cause), and considers that it need only achieve a “critical mass” (not a majority) of public support to overturn the cultural strongholds of secular humanism and traditional religion. Precise scholarly definitions of the New Age differ in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure. He was known in particular for the practice some refer to as channeling. In the material state, morality is meaningless. Thank you for your help. Other historical personalities were involved including H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and William Butler Yeats. The phrase "New Age" refers to the "Aquarian Age" which, according to New Age supporters, is now beginning. 18: 21–22 and Ps.

“Everything that surrounds you right now in your life –including the things you’re complaining about –you’ve attracted. New Agers often say that they are into “self-discovery,” “spiritual growth,” or “enlightenment.” Of course, these terms seem harmless enough, but what exactly do they mean when they say these things? Discussions of the topic have frequently generated a great deal more heat than light. Many are also intelligent — if one grants their basic world view premises, their beliefs are not as irrational and inconsistent as some think. In agreement with all pantheists, New Agers explain that man is separated from God only in his own consciousness. Instead, they take it in through osmosis (e.g. Judaism was the framework around which we should interpret Jesus’ teaching. 4:22)—not any other culture. It's truly an amalgam of various ideas and leaders and if asked a follower would be hard pressed to name any one belief system they prescribe to.

One person has strong faith that an inch of ice can support his weight, but another person has weak faith that a foot of ice can support him. At best, most would say the are just seeking "the truth" wherever they can find it. Gaining a new perspective, seeing that we are actually divine and connected with God. Our faith (belief) isn’t as important as the object (reality) of our faith (Mt. Buddhism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and particularly strong influences from East Asian religions are important ingredients to these practices. 5 Lillie Wilson, “The Planetary Initiative: A Plot to Save the World,” New Age, Jan. 1982, p. 43. It is not that there is nothing sinister or dangerous about the New Age movement, but we must resist the temptation to try to locate the evil in simplistic, black-or-white categories, for in so doing we will fail to see New Agers for who they really are. Fifth, this perspective places a low perspective on modern medicine. How could Westerners with a nearly 1,700-year Christian heritage drift so far from their biblical moorings? By the law of karma it is understood that whatever a person does, good or bad, will return to him experientially in an exact proportion of good or bad. Karla McLaren was a former leader in New Age spirituality for 32 years, and she authored four new age books, as well as several teaching lectures. (Rick Ingrasci, M.D., “Up From Eden: A New Age Interview with Ken Wilber,” New Age, April, 1982, p. 38). Thus, salvation for New Agers is clearly a matter or works. New Ager and psychologist Barry McWaters writes of “the emerging potential of human beings to take responsibility individually and collectively, for a positive future.”18. A “Metaphysician” 24 minutes). “Metaphysician” 15 minutes).

Harbinger of the Antichrist? .is one of a human culture in full harmony and attunement within itself, with nature, and with God: a culture in which the divine perspective of love and wholeness can find full expression. It gained momentum in the 1980s and strengthened with the Harmonic Convergence event in 1987. The desire for such a civilization has empowered human striving and efforts throughout our history, particularly here in the West. In addition, it is also true that God will hold out on blessing us until we ask (Jas. This concept typically consists of three parts: Gaia is revered, respected, and even worshipped as a god by some. Put another way, do you think it’s possible to believe in something that is false? It is there we learn that there can be a counterfeit Jesus, preached by counterfeit apostles, who serve a counterfeit “angel of light” (Satan). New age religion - Is it really a religion. Says who? The goal of this question is to get them to consider the plight or inconsistency of their worldview. What is a network? Thus the higher Self is able to take over from the lower self and no longer needs to identify with the idea of a separate personality or identity. New Agers such as David Spangler recognize that this longing for a “new age” is not of itself new: The idea of the new age is rooted in one of the oldest human images, that of the holy (or holistic) human civilization. Therefore, nature is also part of god. Life has a purpose; this includes a belief in synchronicity—that coincidences have spiritual meaning and lessons to teach those whom are open to them. Halverson, Dean C. The Compact Guide to World Religions. God is responsible.

“Visionary” 62 minutes). It was not uncommon for hippies to take whatever part of any religion it felt offered truth and combine it with others to create a spiritual smorgasbord. 164. This will only reinforce their own misconceptions about us, and our gospel. Reverence for the New Age “Jesus” will not impress the historical, bibli­cal Jesus, who is “ready to judge the living and the dead” (1 Pet. Some, like the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MISA) and the Sufi Order in the West, are more in its mainstream, but only because they are less exclusive, and their leadership less authoritarian than most cults. Therefore, “anything that moves a part toward its fullest development and fullest integration with the whole is good,” anything that does the reverse is evil.”13, But the question is, can such a convenient, arbitrary designation of “states” really sustain ethics?14. Though there may be a limited basis in fact for some of these views, as general descriptions they are grossly misleading. This Age is expected to bring in peace and enlightenment, as well as reunite humans with "god." Toward the end of his life, he said, “I have spoken openly to the world; I always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where all the Jews come together; and I spoke nothing in secret. He published the essay Within the New Age metanetwork and movement are hundreds of smaller (but still sometimes very large) networks and movements encompassing a wide variety of inter­ests and causes (all compatible with the ends of the larger network). Because naturalism is existentially unsettling, many people looked for answers in the spiritual realm. The question might be posed, “But isn’t world denial a natural consequence of a monistic world view?” Historically, there seems to be a strong tendency in this direction, but New Agers are struggling to work out a metaphysical basis for their positive view of the world — a way to make social action and personal fulfillment compatible with mysticism. As “millennial” as the New Age movement may be from a sociological standpoint (and as indebted to Christianity as it may be for this emphasis), it does not believe in the biblical millennium (Rev. Question those who have heard what I spoke to them; they know what I said” (Jn. Introduced to the biblical Jesus, they will find a resource for personal transformation that they have never dreamed of (2 Cor. Though some New Age groups identify themselves as Christian, and most New Agers think highly of Jesus, their endorsements of Him need to be evaluated in the light of 2 Cor. Copyright In this third state of consciousness, called the “religious state,” the barrier that “maya” has long presented to ethics and social action (as in India) is seemingly “transcended”: The religious state of consciousness is as valid as the others and as necessary to us, for without it we could have no morals, no guidelines for living. They haven’t really thought critically about this worldview. The Introduction to The Aquarian Gospel of Je­sus the Christ, a turn-of-the-century spiritistic “revelation,” offers this classic definition: The Aquarian Age is pre-eminently a spiritual age, and the spiritual side of the great lessons that Jesus gave to the world may now be comprehended by multitudes of people, for the many are now coming into an advanced stage of spiritual consciousness.20. This is one way to handle the problem of Evil… just deny that there is even a problem! It has been the imagination behind the idea of utopia.19.

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