hit the floor katana zero

The advertised track is mashed up with "U Got That" by Halogen. There's also a bottle atop the stairs you can use, but it can be quite difficult to get past the second gun goon to retrieve it. Exit the elevator and head right through some lasers, beyond which you can find another new toy - the molotov cocktail. You should now be out of the cart - run upstairs to the right, kill a grunt and hit a light switch to open a door above you. You're too tall to fit with the cart (guess you can't duck, for whatever reason?) Getting the timing right is tricky, and if you're off by even a little bit your projectiles can be deflected by bullets, risking the entire enterprise (right). Despite being your admirer, your Russian friend has no compunctions about entering into mortal combat with you, pausing only long enough to see his... ah... lady friends out. it and continue right to another door. Either dodge-stab him or slo-mo deflect him, grab the smoke bomb canister on the table and toss it to hide from the camera, then pass under the raised security doors to the right and kill a shotgun cop. Dodge-stab a gun goon beyond some lasers (left) then heed the unspoken smoke bomb tutorial well - you'll use it again going forward (right). Return to the elevator and ride it to your next destination. Length The tracks are .ogg files, which can be played using VLC media player, foobar2000 or Winamp. If you lent him your sword, he'll have made off with it, leaving you quite a bit less capable in this room. This should protect you and allow you to take them all out quickly and safely. Joke Edit. Once they're dead, search a corpse for the Yellow Keycard and exit the screen via the way you entered. If not, you'll have your sword and will be faced with a pretty standard room ahead. Hit the Floor Katana_Zero. Immediately beyond the second laser grid you'll find a ledge above you. Immediately after traveling to this floor, you should know it's going to be a chore by virtue of the mine cart through the door to the right. DJ Electrohead "Hit The Floor" is slightly slowed down to match the tempo of "U Got That", and the pause after the drop of "Hit The Floor" is slightly extended. Break through a door and kill a club goon, then dodge roll through some lasers (and possible a bullet) to reach and kill a gun goon. You'll need to acquire three keycards to get through three sealed doors (left) which can be found at the end of three short levels an elevator ride away (right). Composer Press J to jump to the feed. The advertised track is mashed up with "U Got That" by Halogen. Dodge the boss's shots (left) and quickly attack from behind before he recover. Indulge her and go looking for some candy - if you search the fridge you'll find a Fish Head, while if you search the couch you'll find a Butterscotch. If he hits you with his charge (he'll be trailed by red light when he's charging) he'll knock you down, which can leave you stunned long enough to be shot. After this you have one more gun goon to deal with up some stairs to the right, which you can deal with via slow-mo, dodge-roll and stab, or by throwing a projectile at him, of which you have a great variety of options to choose from. Or you can just stand back and slo-mo kill him. Chapel of Doom - Screen 1 of 2. 鸡 Lv. Made both of my roommates play it a few months ago. Return left to the previous screen, go through a doorway to the left to reach the upper floor, then continue back left to the elevator (roll through them lasers!). Damn that game was awesome, I replayed it so many times. Afterwards you'll be back in your apartment. "Hit The Floor" is slightly slowed down to match the tempo of "U Got That", and the pause after the drop of "Hit The Floor" is slightly extended. Continue right through another door to find a shotgun cop waiting for you - chuck your butcher knife at him, then wall-jump up a chute above you. Electrohead goes on to say the bottle he came across was not labeled, putting Zero at a disadvantage for not knowing the drug's name. Download (4.18 MB) katana_zero. But alas, I looked into it a little more and I'm an absolute coward. Already looking up! Remember you can hold down [Y]/[CTRL] while you move to sneak, which causes you to move slower and more precisely, potentially making it easier for you to follow the cart through the laser tunnel. Continue right, grab another smoke bomb and look down through a breakable floor to see three gun goons patrolling. Your timing has to be very precise here, or if you're adept with the controls you can usually jump up, then diagonally slash down to catch him. If you fail, you'll crash into said door and have to start over. Speaking of which, exit to the right and recover your sword (if you parted with it earlier) and note that there are three security doors to the right, which of which you'll need to find a keycard for. Katana Zero was incredible, I played it way back at PAX in 2016. Pick up a knife, door-kill a grunt, throw the knife immediately to kill a club goon, then use slo-mo to deflect a bullet and eliminate a gun goon or dodge-roll through the shot and kill him with your sword. Door-kill another gun goon in the room beyond and take down a club goon, then continue on to find another molotov cocktail.

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