hurt locker oscar controversy

Not everyone deeply engaged in Oscar prognostication views the "Hurt Locker" controversy as arising purely from the momentum of the media cycle. All Rights reserved. Back in December, an attorney representing Master Sgt. There are negative stories. It's an assault some fear could affect the movie's chances of winning big on Oscar night. " The other was Dude, Where’s My Car, where we were really robbed on Best Picture.”. Apparently, it was not the first e-mail to get Chartier in hot water. "It's almost comical at this point. David Poland of Movie City News has a feeling we might. 4, 2010— -- Best picture frontrunner "The Hurt Locker" has been hammered by controversies just days before the Academy Awards, but none of them will likely change Sunday's outcome. This is now being denied, with insiders saying Shapiro, Bigelow and Boal each sent letters to both BAFTA and the PGA to endorse the idea there were 4 legitimate contributing producers on the film. The suit alleges that "The Hurt Locker" is the "exploitation of a real life honorable, courageous and long-serving member of our country's armed forces, by greedy multi-billion dollar 'entertainment' corporations.". LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - By the time “The Hurt Locker” won the best picture Oscar Sunday, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion since it … The film is a work of fiction inspired by many people's stories.". "There's never a conspiracy, but you can put something in the water," he told MTV News. Will James, who is played by Jeremy Renner. Fieger told that Sarver wasn't aware that his identity had been appropriated for the film until after the movie was released. We want to hear from you! Get The Hurt Locker movie complete list of awards won and nominations. “The way Broderick and I work is, Alcon finances the films, but one of us is on the set every day. "I just can't imagine that being anti-military or anti-American would hurt 'The Hurt Locker' with a left-wing Hollywood," he said. You can call it a conspiracy or simply the result of news outlets latching on to a timely story, yet the salient question at this point is not how the controversy originated but if it will negatively impact "Hurt Locker" on Sunday during the ceremony. I am not saying this is a coordinated attack by any group of people. I was on the set 65% of the time, and he was there 35% because we had other pictures going. "This year, because it is so close, I think 'The Hurt Locker' could very well lose. Last week, members of the U.S. military complained about the depictions of soldiers in the film. Sarver served his country with honor and commitment risking his life for a greater good, but we distributed the film based on a fictional screenplay written by Mark Boal. Sarver is now suing Chartier, the three other producers, director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal. The Hurt Locker has had one Oscar controversy after another. If The Hurt Locker wins a David vs. Goliath battle with Avatar for Best Picture, who will stand on the stage to accept the Oscar? Whatever is perceived as the front-runner, people try to tear it down. "Essentially they are taking place after the polls closed. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? On Tuesday, one of the film's producers was banned from attending the Oscars after he sent e-mails promoting his film. "I think Sarver is a brave soldier and a good guy," he the Times. "Last year, 'Slumdog' was so far out in front, no other movie was going to win anyway," Karger said. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. Will 'Hurt Locker' Controversy Affect Its Oscar Chances. The other Best Picture nominee today with credits still to be determined was The Blind Side.

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