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The other two members of the committee were also New York lawyers.1 For nearly a year, the committee met in the offices of J.H. They are all free, living big off of book deals and jobs at CNN or MSNBC. If this is also an Intelligence Op then I believe the operatives knew that Trump would get frazzled and start making fatal errors daily until he does himself in. Americans use “Will it play in Peoria?” – Richard Nixon was quite keen on it … checking how his “base” would like a policy decision. So, you can mind read to boot. Demands Human Sacrifice, Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Plan Gives $300M to Foreign Refugees, The Ruling Class Propose Picking Profits Over People During Pandemic, False Negatives: When Diagnostics Get It Wrong, The Chinese Virus Has Caused the Greatest Economic Crisis of Our Lifetimes, As Asian Americans Assaulted MSM Reports the Attacks, but Not the Attackers, Germany Closes Borders Due to Pandemic but Third World Migrants Still Welcome, Elderly Swedes Forced to Install Bullet Proof Windows Due to Ongoing Harassment by Violent Migrants, Paris No-Go Zone Police Overwhelmed Attempting to Enforce Quarantine, DOJ Wants to Suspend Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency - Indefinitely Hold People Without Trial, Hungarian Government Paying Citizens to Start Families - This Is What America Needs to Do, COVID-19 Deaths and the Link to Pre-existing Conditions, This Practical Advice from a 14th Century French Knight Is What Young Men Need to Hear Today (Charny), A 'Major Disaster': Army Deploys in New York State as Confirmed Cases Top 11,000: Live Updates, China Lying: Beijing's Claim of No New Infections Contradicts Reality on the Ground, Watch: 'Youths' Looting, Fighting at Supermarkets in London & Paris, Philadelphia Police to Stop Arresting Criminals Over Coronavirus Concerns, The Impact of Effective Handwashing Against Infection, China 'Inexcusably' Hid Information About Coronavirus and Should Admit Their Wrongdoing, Ibuprofren May Increase Lethality of Coronavirus, Italian Virologist: Italy Thought of Isolating People Coming From China, but 'It Became Seen as Racist'—Killing Thousands, 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says. The’ Covid fetish’ is your current signature piece, and utterly meaningless. If you incentivize them, they’ll run in any direction, even over a cliff and into a bottomless gorge. | ValuBit, Jim Kunstler Warns “Civil War On!” | Verity Weekly, On the Atlantic Council, CrowdStrike and CF | CF-gate, https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/civil-war-on/, Erm… How Do I Title This Without Over Dramatising? Now go back to lounging on your Brooklyn Bridge. I myself am also Native American, being of Solutrean ancestry. The hectoring interrogation started from the get-go — the “townies” distributed around the set apparently just props — while Ms. Guthrie barked over the President with various renderings of the old shyster’s retort, but do you still beat your wife? What happened? A cut ‘n’ paste consisting of ad hom and emotion. “Trump needs a decent amount of public support…. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying while under oath … what more do you need? In other words, you can’t actually answer the question. That may be better. He’s an attention seeking little scumbag thug. would be all that she would say. If you eat nothing but an apple all day, you’ll be a very different person than if you ate heavily at lunch and dinner. allow freebee feels-up during the head massage. Basically you’re putting forward the old WW1 Motto: the War to end all War. ” …they have drunk so much Kool-Aid that they can’t cope with even the tiniest alternative view”… you’ve describing yourself! “Inspector General Linick was punished for honorably performing his duty to protect the Constitution and our national security, as required by the law and by his oath.”. Why? Funnels American Resources to Israel, 5 Documentaries Racial Realists Should Watch, People vs Plutocrats: Hitler's Anti-Capitalist Legacy, How Israel Is Cashing In on the COVID Crisis in Every Way, American Anti-Anxiety Drug Use Rises 34.1%, Antidepressants 18.6%, Anti-Insomnia 14.8%, Illegal Drug Use Unknown, Which US Colleges Have the Most Jews? The Holy Roman Empire , The Austrian Empire , and the Spanish Empire ) was arguably the most influential and greatest power in the Western World . There are a bunch of liberals, progressives – who are furious that the first elected African American was owned and operated by Citicorp et al. Putting aside who ‘they” is in this instance (there’s so many possibilities to choose from! No doubt Kdog will feature this on his blog along with a sociological commentary about the evils of White racism. He’ll only be 80 at that point, and today’s 80 is like being about age 60 twenty years ago. Through Chasten’s joyful, witty social media posts, the public gained a behind-the-scenes look at his life with Pete on the trail—moments that might have ranged from the mundane to the surprising, but that were always heartfelt. Just imagine how bad it would have been if Trump & the boys hadn’t been in charge. So YOU’RE no genius, at least…. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/french-doctors-believe-they-may-have-treated-coronavirus-patients-last-fall-report/ar-BB149dO2?ocid=msnews. Can you clearly say he was a sock puppet and not just a bored under worked federal employee or contractor stirring up crap? Thank you Alba. JS: What an appropriate nome de plume this brother has chosen! Deep Fake or the Real Thing? “Is it not apparent that both teams are hell bent on maintaining the status quo.”. The trucks won’t make the food deliveries to the supermarkets unless the finance system works. French doctors think they had corona virus last fall. He always puts the two letters after ‘In God We Trust’. Have you any gold teeth? Perhaps it is my background in poli-sci and media, but I am astounded when I read shit like this. There are psychological reasons for this. I suppose in some cases that could be psychotic. If you disagree, then provide cogent arguments why you do – calls for others to shut up are nothing but childish, I think. But…I do not know if the lockdown is not effective, needed, nor justifiable…. I’ve shopped for children’s books and been unable to find one with a protagonist who was a positive example of a white male. People of low intelligence or those who never learned critical thought or are low on information, become caught up in an obsessive pattern, focusing on things that exist in an increasingly deranged fantasy world.”. Very interesting. Did you watch Game of Thrones. And he found out he could not do much to undo the damage of two generations of socialist leaning congresses and administration, esp. It would have to be a venal sin. Bush, viewed FDR as a traitor to his class and wanted to replace him with a fascist puppet government. He was killed because he tried to steal a mans shot gun. Do you find yourself bobble heading to the likes of Don Lemon and Rachael Maddow? I have hope in the unpredictability of things. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Of course, she was 3/4 White, so it’s not that cut-&-dried. Source, Reality. How can you get cold feet with a bazooka? NOT ONE of the coup plotters. With Biden, Dems Have Only 2 Choices, Dump Him at the Convention, Or Give Him A Running Mate Who Will Take Over by James Howard Kunstler (Kunstler.com ) Struggling Middle Class vs. Filthy Rich Billionaires - TRUNEWS Daily NewsCast w. So do be do be do be. You understand though. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. He never mentioned Us once he got elected. Does not the Book of the Law state, You are against the People oh my Chosen? Published by the Atlantic Monthly Press. Alexander Downer and co. were directly involved in SpyGate. But they’re certainly weaker than 16 year olds. As it is, this is going to get worse and worse. And the Democratic Party has paid – and will pay – pretty severely I think for all of this. The Latest Russian Fighter Jet Blows America's Away, Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's, US Media Falls in Love With Unhinged British Witch Who Wants to Bomb Russia, Kremlin-Funded Study Says Obama Is a Space Lizard, Inside Nazi Germany: An American Intellectual Finds Order, Reason, Humanity. Nothing would be finer than a good solid house cleaning of the political who’s who of Washington beltway. A big family on the run… You’re a great sideshow. And I’ll bet you can still vote if you are Democrat. America’ (netflix) at present, tracing the course of the ERA movement. A post script regarding the Quinton Dunbar situation; A reason* has surfaced for the outrage committed in Florida. For anyone After too many years of market interventions, magical thinking, racketeering, and bleeding the 99% dry, he warns that our culture and economic system will soon reach a snapping point: The important story is what happens in the financial sector and how it effects the economy in the next twelve to eighteen months. Updated October 16, 2020, The Clocks Struck Thirteen by James Howard Kunstler. Not too much rage and raucous about the elderly white couple assassinated in the veterans cemetery by that young black man avenging the jogger’s fate. It is unacceptable to me that today in America, we end up spending almost twice as much as any other major country on health care, while our life expectancy continues to decline and our healthcare outcomes lag behind many other countries. I thought that we can concluded in one of JHK’s podcasts that since Amazon has a stranglehold over book distribution that Amazon vacuums up all of the royalties and that writing books is, therefore, now an economic cul de sac? Been happening in Chicago elections for generations…. The point of the staircase design was to give an advantage to the person on top (usually the defender of said castle). No, SSL…Sorry to disappoint you but it’s just someone pulling your collective legs. Have you ever seen one of those Federal Reserve Notes [ FRNs ] that ED signed? Joe Biden. Don’t expect to see anything about it on David Muir’s ABC evening news. Russiagate is real. That happens to be next to my locus of disgust. But spare the bald young clerks who add It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. And once we are downed, you think everyone’s going to get along great, right?

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