jfk clone high quotes

Abe Lincoln: How am I gonna get the beers? WHERE IS J.F.K.,S SPECH TOO END THE FED BANK ? Theme Song: Way way back in the 1980s / Secret government employees / Dug up famous guys and ladies / And made amusing genetic copies. "Clone High's" JFK, voiced by series creator Christopher Miller, provides both. Crowd member #1: My discomfort with a man kissing another man is stonger than my hatred for people with ADD. If find sports metaphors very useful for making veil sexual references... Crabby Cakes: [to Scudworth] You've got crabs, Ass Face! Cleopatra: And for a fundraiser I'm hosting an open-mouth kissing booth. Shadowy Figure: [voice from the shadows] Doctor Scudworth! That sounds like the gentle knock of a vulnerable teenage girl. JFK, and "Clone High," have recently gotten their moment in the TikTok spotlight, with the show rising to meme fame. not that I'm complaining bc I'm now obsessed with the show ##WhatsPoppin ##ThrowbackSongs ##QuickRecipes ##fyp ##clonehigh ##foryou ##foryoupage ##jfk. it not, im still sorry ##catsmusical ##jfk ##clonehigh. he sounds like a character from the simpsons, The mayor's speaking voice was modeled after him, Yip crazy no a mad scientist is who I want to be hehe oh something gonna happen soon in 2022, Haha thank u hey maybe if I do become one ill study what planet u came from, @Riwhai Edwards well you’d be a pretty stupid scientist, Mr gizmo yes I have its my dream to be one haha, Damn clone high voice actors were on spot, Johnson thinking about what percentage of the space program funding can be funneled to Billy Sol Estes, I like your funny words magic man-- Lol I feel bad for making this joke, @Zodiac Edits This video gave me Bendy and the Ink Machine flashbacks for some reason. Announcer: Next time, on a very special Clone High: The whole thing's a freakin' rock opera! But it turns out I'm just a really nice guy. This nail I just stepped on. Gandhi: I've got an idea. (The American broadcast added "U.S.A." to the title.) Other iterations of that sound popped up on the app, including one in which @robertbullin slapped a whole lot of reverb on JFK's scream, and another one uploaded by @postedinthedvrk in which the JFK audio cuts to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble.". it not, im still sorry##catsmusical ##jfk ##clonehigh. Plastic bag. "I will see you there. Plastic bag. JFK: I'm a Kennedy. One wields a rifle]. Allow me to dry you off... with my pants! Krabby Cakes: You've got crabs, ass-face. Wanna see more? Abe: I knew the poll - did you say I was winning? Wesleys. Helping others is what John Stamos is all about. Anyone for - coffee anyone? I'm not accustomed to tragedy. Joan of Arc: This is totally freaking me out! Principal Scudworth: Fine! Singers: Did you hear? Home. I think he might be at first but then he turned against them and these were the results. Shadowy Figure: [menacing] I think this is an issue we should talk about... in person. Principal Scudworth: You know, for dry erase markers and such. Gandhi, Genghis: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 54 images (& sounds) of the Clone High cast of characters. Tell him he heard you wrong - tell him what you actually said was "I'll get the *beards*... Gandhi: But if you think about it, it would still be a pretty sweet party. I think this is an issue we need to talk about... in person. HOLD ME.... SIGN MY CAST FOR ME..... r/clonehigh: A Community to Discuss Clone High: A Rope of Sand: On Discord: https://discord.gg/VBH2bgC, Press J to jump to the feed. I didn't expect that you two would divde the room horizontially. Next Friday! Scudworth: [Video feed of Shadowy Figures turns off] Dammit! To harpoon the salty longshoreman! But abstinence is a good choice as well. Abe Lincoln: I think I might be in love with Joan! HERE IS THE MILLION-DOLLA QUESTION: Will you go to Heaven when you die? Moses: But Martin Luther King Jr., you know I'm a Jew, and also lactose intolerant. I'm drunk. What are some of y’all s favorite JFK quotes? Did you hear? Gandhi has ADD? No bro these clone high kinnies will not shut up about em. Do you know how to remove a bra? if so, im sorry. Please help improve this article by editing it. While the JFK character doesn't have the same "heart of gold" sense as classic himbos like Kronk of "The Emperor's New Groove," his loveable panache, ignorance, and his memorable character design help him fit the characterization. Abe Lincoln: How many times have i told you not to say that? Gandhi: (forces himself to undergo a JFK-like transformation) Fowah suppah I want a pawtty plattah. My dead foster son. My conflict mediation seminar taught us how to reslove conflict. JFK: My abs are so firm, you can grate cheese on em!

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