judgment at nuremberg play

Wallner is recalled to testify. "[17], The film grossed $6 million in the United States, and $10 million in worldwide release. A recess is granted, and Rolfe begs Janning, for the sake of Germany's future, not to make his statement. Judgment at Nuremberg was released in American theatres on December 19, 1961. During his testimony, he explains that well-meaning people like himself went along with Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic, racist policies out of a sense of patriotism, even though they knew it was wrong, because of the effects of the post-World War I Treaty of Versailles. The cast was especially praised, including Tracy, Lancaster, Schell, Clift, and Garland. Rolfe interrupts and objects but Janning continues. He raises several points in these arguments, such as US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.'s support for the first eugenics practices (see Buck v. Bell); the German-Vatican Reichskonkordat of 1933, which the Nazi-dominated German government exploited as an implicit early foreign recognition of Nazi leadership; Joseph Stalin's part in the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939, which removed the last major obstacle to Germany's invasion and occupation of western Poland, initiating World War II; and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the final stage of the war in August 1945.[8]. The film is notable for its use of courtroom drama to illuminate individual perfidy and moral compromise in times of violent political upheaval; it was the first mainstream drama film not to shy from showing actual footage filmed by American and British soldiers after the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. He notes that Hitler in 1942 brutally attacked Janning for resisting Nazi measures and that Janning was forced to resign. The trial begins with Judge Haywood presiding. Luckily, they all work hard to stay inside their roles. Under these laws, the man was found guilty and was put to death in 1942. Haywood replies that, "It's not enough to survive," and asserts that if we abandon our basic principles, "we become the very thing we are fighting.". In a 1970 poll of television editors, it was named "the greatest television series of all time. CBS/Fox first released the film as a two-VHS cassette set in 1986. The trial takes place against the background of the Berlin Blockade, and there is pressure to let the German defendants off lightly so as to gain German support in the growing Cold War against the Soviet Union. [3], George Roy Hill was the director and Herbert Brodkin the producer. Other characters the judge meets are US Army Captain Byers (William Shatner), who is assigned to assist the American judges hearing the case, and Irene Hoffmann (Judy Garland), who is afraid to provide testimony that may bolster the prosecution's case against the judges. German defense attorney Hans Rolfe (Maximilian Schell) argues that the defendants were not the only ones to aid, or at least turn blind eyes to, the Nazi regime. He criticizes his lawyer for defending the actions of his time. [23][24], The Australian Blu-ray was released as part of The Hollywood Gold Series.[25]. She also saw Wallner kissing Feldenstein and, on one occasion, sitting on Feldenstein's lap. Haywood seeks to understand how the German people could have turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the crimes of the Nazi regime. An earlier version of the story was broadcast as a television episode of Playhouse 90. The same specious technique (zoom-lens shots and camera-circlings predominant) and showmanship turn the trial into little more than a travesty—notably in the melodramatic switch in the character of Janning. Mann then read the transcript of the Judges' Trial, and it "haunted him". Rolfe makes his closing argument. Rolfe expresses outrage at the playing of the film in the trial of defendants who were not aware of these atrocities.

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