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Nikola Vucevic (Montenegro) is a double-double machine. Messieurs, refaites votre garde-robe chez Aldo! It's nothing between people.". "I want to go home right now. How I say, no place like home? That is a modest sample weighed against modest competition, maybe. But definitely, when I got back (to the hotel) and talked with my agent and my parents, it all kind of hits you. Their three-bedroom apartment is located on a quiet side street in downtown Denver and overlooks Coors Field. "I was taller than most of the guys and girls, and fattest, too. "Is there hate between us? Even at like 9 a.m., everything was turned off.". Profitez des rabais de la semaine chez Rona! The only thing he asked him was: "Do you have a son?" Entrez en contact avec vos amis plus rapidement grâce à la nouvelle application Facebook. As teammates until this week, when Nurkic was traded to Portland, Jusuf Nurkic and Jokic shared a knowledge of the violence that surrounded their homeland. Dario Saric (Croatia) has delivered an excellent rookie season following much hype. Jokic may be the league's most unique star. He took the starting center job in Denver from Jusuf Nurkic. "It's super slow—not too much going on—but you have everything. Outside, snow covers the apartment's three large balconies. When the dust settled, 161 people were indicted for war crimes. Indeed, Nurkic spoke of Jokic with admiration. Enes Trnovcevic took him to Slovenia and gave him an opportunity he accepted and used. The largest is Strahinja, 34, who spent some time playing in Europe. Les Latinos vont-ils transformer l’Arizona? Jeudi, le Bosniaque de 25 ans a récolté 14 points et huit rebonds, en 20 minutes. "I just came here to work out.". During casual conversation, Jokic often sprawls out on his couch. The other pertains to the small Nerf hoop installed atop the front door, for which there is a strict no dunking policy. Next day he went to Tuzla and met with Nurkic's father. "Five minutes later, they gave us another hat. The worst of it came in 1995. Divac (Serbia) and Drazen Petrovic (Croatia) debuted in the NBA in 1989, Toni Kukoc (Croatia) arrived in '93, and Peja Stojakovic (Serbian, born in Croatia) in '98. Leo Sepkowitz is a freelance writer based in New York City. Nemanja shouted into the receiver: "You got drafted in the NBA! Last season, Jokic earned first-team All-Rookie honors—he and Jordan Clarkson in 2014-15 were the only second-round picks from their draft class to do so. Nurkic has been one of the most productive, entertaining rookies in the whole NBA, and he's not scared of anyone: Nuggets rookie Jusuf Nurkic's dad is a 7', 400-pound cop, Arch Manning is the 15-year-old QB poised to be football’s next big thing. But, years from now, when Nikola returns home to Sombor, it may be that few players ever were. I said, 'You're gonna see—give me the chance.' I loved some classes—math, history, that's pretty much it. They had adjacent lockers in the Nuggets' arena. "He screams, yells. Les Trail Blazers vont entamer la relance le 31 juillet, contre Memphis. NBA schedule and results: Wizards top Bulls, Clippers win in Portland, Wizards beat Bulls again despite Rose's big game, Jusuf Nurkic's dad is a 7', 400-pound cop, Victor Oladipo seals big Magic win with 360 dunk. In his third year, he was named league MVP. ". His game, the brothers say, resembles that of Kendrick Perkins. Microsoft pourrait obtenir une commission en tant qu'affilié si vous faites un achat à partir des liens suggérés dans cet article. ", Like Jokic, Nurkic was not expected to contribute to the Nuggets right away. He grew up in Tuzla, Bosnia, about 65 miles northwest of Srebrenica. "I think [the Nuggets] are going to do moves sooner or later," he says. I mean, I am the third kid, and I am a little closer with my parents than [my brothers] are.". From left, Strahinja, Nikola and Nemanja Jokic share a home in Denver, where Nikola has become a potential franchise player. He saw immediate playing time as a rookie, a rarity for a second-round pick from Europe. You can walk around for three minutes, and that's the end of the walk." ", Typically, discussions here are contests: to be the wittiest, the loudest, to have the last word. Every team's best free agent haul since 2010, See our picks, and then tell us the one you'd build your team around ⬇️, Clippers guard denies report that he was 'bristled' by Kawhi's load management. Nurkic made 27 starts at center as a rookie in '14-15 while Jokic was still abroad. He leans sideways across a few cushions, placing his weight on his right elbow. Nemanja and Strahinja, who for years towered over Nikola, would sit down when they played basketball with him to level the field. Les Pacers de l'Indiana ont toutefois eu le dernier mot, 91-88. How do you sleep right now?". Merci de donner une note globale à ce site : Élections américaines : quel poids aura le vote des expatriés au Canada? We have 15 guys who deserve minutes, so it's hard to develop everybody. He carried modest goals at first. One day a Bosnian sports agent Enes Trnovcevic was reading a newspaper where he read: "Bosnian policeman, Hariz Nurkic has beaten 14 people in a fight." There are 17 formerly Yugoslavian players in the NBA—more players than North Carolina can claim. His head rests heavy on his shoulder, childlike, slightly pained but playful. "When you play sports it's nice because there's no religion, there's no nothing," Nurkic says. Gildor Roy, Sébastien Delorme et Luc Dionne à Tout le monde en parle ce dimanche, Violence en Nouvelle-Écosse : Ottawa confirme une plus grande présence de la GRC, Congo-Brazzaville: des dizaines de milliers de sinistrés, Pandémie: Marc Dupré parle des difficultés de «La voix», Les restaurateurs winnipégois craignent les nouvelles restrictions de la province, LHJMQ: Beausoleil aurait aimé jouer contre le Drakkar, Une villa et une ferme gallo-romaines découvertes en Loire-Atlantique, Des vidéos pour la relance de l'économie par l'entremise des véhicules électriques [VIDÉO], Vert Couleur Persil: des collations pour grignoter sans culpabilité. Nurkic was awake for the 2014 NBA draft, which he attended. His game calls to mind Vlade Divac and the great generation of Yugoslavian basketball of the 1990s. The attacks came at the tail end of a war among Yugoslavia's six neighboring states: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Go to the main street, park the car and get ice cream. Tackling is permitted (and accounts for most game action). It hits you that you are going to have to go through a whole another process again.” Retweet 1 Share 0 Send via email 0. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, communism crumbled and nationalism ascended in Yugoslavia. When games tighten, Strahinja is known to punch chairs and move to sit separately. Jusuf's brother is a nine-year-old who wears a size-14 shoe. "It's just like, 'Who's better?'". DENVER — The Denver Nuggets parlayed a draft-day trade with Chicago into a Bosnian big man that very few knew about until Thursday and a shooting guard they long Jusuf's brother is a nine-year-old who wears a size-14 shoe. "I remember things like sirens, bomb shelters, always turning off the lights," Jokic says. "He has fun out there, and he's a funny guy, too.". Not the people who killed, but—the new generation, it's not their fault. Nikola, in red shorts, says he still enjoys playing against locals on a court near his former school in Sombor. "Our dad is really passionate about watching the games," Nemanja says. Jusuf Nurkic's dad is a policeman in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. "When I came for an interview before the draft, [Denver general manager] Tim Connelly said, 'You're not gonna play. The Nuggets offense increasingly runs through the second-year big man. In high school, I couldn't do one pushup.". It hung on a door in his family's home, a cramped two-bedroom apartment in Sombor that housed three brothers, two parents and one grandmother. Nobody sits around him. 2nd round selection of the Denver Nuggets in the 2014 NBA draft who officially broke out during the 2016-2017 season as the official starting center for the Nuggets. When asked about his transformation from chunky adolescent to world-class athlete, he protests, "I am not athletic.". Throughout the apartment, surround-sound speakers typically hum with Serbian music, though lately Jokic is pushing for hip-hop. No matter—the brothers discredit the standings, citing loopholes. Beaucoup d'amour», a t-il gazouillé, jeudi soir. No. Jokic's career began on a toy hoop. Jokic is often fed the ball early in the shot clock, somewhere around the elbow, with his back to the basket. Last season, Nurkic missed the first 33 games while recovering from offseason surgery to repair a patella tendon injury, which allowed Jokic to establish himself at center. "That's your night out," Nemanja says. But I'm not worried about that—I just do my thing.". The broadcast also said Wednesday night is the Nurkic family's first visit to the U.S. to watch their son play, and I hope they had as great a time watching him as the rest of us have this season. "I didn't expect to play my first year," he says. It is a frigid December afternoon in Denver, and the NBA's most intriguing young center is happy to make this a lazy Sunday. After averaging 10 points and seven rebounds per game last season, Jokic was named to the NBA's All-Rookie first team. The high school sophomore quarterback has the game to live up to his famous name. "He's not that talented," Nikola jokes, "but he hates to lose. His father, an endearingly massive police officer in Bosnia, gained instant fame last year when TV cameras found him in the stands at a Nuggets game. I just like to be someplace where I know how to drive a car without navigation. Among this new group, Mario Hezonja (Croatia) and Dragan Bender (Bosnian and Croatian citizenship) were top-five picks. The start of Western Illinois’ NCAA tournament run in Year 24, continued. Through a heavy Serbian accent, Nikola has mastered a sort of self-deprecating deadpan. Later tallies fixed the death toll around 8,000. We are sitting at a corner table at Crepes 'n Crepes in downtown Denver. Jokic is the brightest star in an impressive first generation of post-war athletes from the former Yugoslavia. On a essayé Senstroke, les baguettes de batterie connectées ! Nikola would charge toward the rim until the neighbors downstairs came knocking.

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