marketing: an introduction (12th edition)

Understanding consumers and their needs can be a challenge. .

~ l ) Y 1 Y a % v " l d m M Y P Y P 9* ae(D*-.ol--LIIIIIIII.ld mcnn*Wdm-adCi.biP-nm ~"ec.,zenn-guMm-~ have enjoyed a boom.17 Generation Y oldsters have now graduated from college and are moving up in their careers. In 1968, a retail salesman explained to Amar Bose why the speakers weren't selling: "Look, I love your speaker but I cannot sell it because it makes me lose all my credibility as a salesman. The most generous is Colorado, giving a tax credit of up to $3,434. Take-back laws play to the company's strategic strengths. This suggests an opportunity to get women to use formal accessories-including evening bags-during daylight hours. Chapter 17 Direct and Online Marketing: Building Direct Customer Relationships 522 Technoethics, a recent field of study that examines ethical issues in technology, has recently been applied to many areas in lnternet marketing. However, when demand fluctuates, service firms often have difficult problems. At one extreme is Japan, where almost everyone is Japanese. Sellers can list tickets by auction or at a fixed price, a price that declines as the event gets closer. And over the past ten years, Lowe's has earned average annual returns of 23.5 percent, versus Home Depot's 14.9percent. 1 After driving smaller competitors from the market, Bausch & Lomb faces Larger, more resourceful ones, such as Johnson & Johnson's Vistakon division. '150 Someone once observed, "There are three kinds of companies: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what's happened.

As more and more people join the work-at-home trend, Chapter 3 The Marketing Environment 75 FedEx Kinko's offers an escape from the isolation of the home office. How does Eaton add value to its products and services? Each PC produced b y HewlettPackard involves a cost of computer chips, wires, plastic, packaging, and other inputs. And t h e D e p a r t m e n t o f Veteran A f f a i r s facilitates e-procurement t h r o u g h i t s V A Advantage!

T h i s approach, k n o w n as permission-based mai-keting, has become a standard m o d e l for e-mail marketing. In recent years, the Federal Trade Commission has added staff marketing experts, who can better understand complex business issues. P&G sells six brands of laundry detergent in the United States (Tide, Cheer, Gain, Era, Dreft, and lvory Snow).

2 Lowe's, with its brighter stores, wider aisles, and arguably more helpful salespeople, has positioned itself as the friendly alternative to Big Bad Orange. . Several factors were causing Kodak's problems. Adventurers. The U.S. Commerce Department publishes Business America, which provides interpretations of government policies and programs and gives concise information on potential worldwide trade opportunities. More buyers are usually involved in the business buying decision, and business buyers are better trained and more professional than are consumer buyers. Home Depot provides financial support, materials, and volunteers in an ongoing effort to help KaBoom!

Therefore, business marketers must have well trained marketers and salespeople to deal with these well trained buyers. HP's efforts have made it the darling of environmentalists, but its agenda isn't entirely altruistic.

even though they are located World markets can also be segmented on the basis of economic factors. The campaign will show how many functions the Sonic PDA can perform and emphasize the convenience of a single, powerful handheld device.

eviewing the Concepts A company's current products face limited life spans and must be replaced by newer products.

In contrast, high-low pricing involves charging higher prices on an everyday basis but running frequent promotions to lower prices temporarily on selected items.

It recently partnered with Swing-N-Slide, a do-it-yourself backyard play system producer, to raise money by conkibuting $30 to KaBoom! In fact, Dell plans to add retail stores to help bolster the consumer side of its business. 1. ,, . S52-S54; P&G 2005 Annual Report, accessed at, July 2006; and information accessed at www.homemadesimple. ". Each-organization buys in its own way, and each buying situation has unique requirements. But what broad marketing strategies might the company use? By looking at customers who are shifting away from its brand, the company can learn about its marketing weaknesses. Some firms are large, others small. And in a recent Financial Times poll of 1,000 senior executives across the world, Professor Kotler was ranked as the fourth “most influential business writer/guru” of the twenty-first century. '^ local online search engine to look for the store nearest them. In the early '90s, Southwest entered Baltimore Washington International Airport, where US Air had a significant hub and a 55 percent market share. In 1975, the company introduced concertlike sound in the bookshelf-size 301 DirectIReflecting speaker system. Unit volume = fixed cost + profit goal - $20,000,000 + $3,000,000 = 267,442 units price - variable cost $336 - $250 Dollar sales = 267,442 units X $336 Dollar sales = = $89,860,512 fixed cost + profit goal - $20,000,000 + $3,000,000 = $89,843,750 contribution margin 0.256 Finally, HD~%remecan express its profit goal as a percentage of sales, which we also s a 6 in previous pricing analyses. Similarly, after years of challenging Procter & Gamble unsuccessfully in the US.

A small company that has developed an effective at-home haircoloring system is considering using direct television. For example, Procter & Gamble used a series of infomercials to help propel the Swiffer WetJet past rival Clorox's ReadyMop when other marketing efforts alone failed to do the trick. For decades the computer maker has invested in recycling systems, giving it a head start against competitors. The seller's job is to monitor the same factors used by the buyer to make sure that the seller is giving the expected satisfaction. In fact, a widely publicized report by Consumer Reports revealed that of six hybrid models studied, the Prius and the Civic were the only two to recover the price premium and save consumers money after five years and 75,000 miles.

In little more than ten years, WaMu has grown from an obscure 1 r--.-. Consumers contacting the 1-800 number got coupons for both the new Swiffer Duster and the DVD. Until the Sonic brand has been established, our communications will encourage purchases through channel partners rather than from our Web site. Consumers have far more options than they used to, and the dust has yet to settle on which options will dominate for any given type of product.

.,,.l...I, ., s :,,slr::.i! For its clients around the world who wish to grow globally, Deutsche Bank can raise money not only in Frankfurt but also in Zurich, London, Paris, and Tokyo.38 International 276 Part 3 Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy and Integrated Marketing Mix &~rofess-siness services industries such as accounting, management consulting, and a d v ~ x & qh, a ~ b a l i ? _-I-" I - . gas, electricity, and public services, Changes in major economic variables such as income, cost of living, interest rates, and savings and borrowing patterns have a large impact on the marketplace. In such cases, the company must find ways to "decommoditize" its products-to create superior value for customers.

Says another, "Global teens in Buenos Aires, Beijing, and Bangalore swing to the beat of MTV while sipping Coke." In 2006, Best Buy ran a promotion including a week-long sale on 20 indie titles at $7.99, about $2 below wholesale prices. A company using value-based pricing must find out what value buyers assign to different competitive offers. Siemens is a particularly formidabl'e'competitor in European markets. 5. However, it may also provide information to external partners, such as suppliers, resellers, or marketing services agencies. E-purchasing can also create potential security disasters. One in six cable subscribers has demonstrated significant interest in watching video-ondemand. Competitor Vespa sells more than a quarter of its scooters to the over-50 set. ', Viking and Sub-Zero. 2. McCann Worldgroup, a large U3.-based advertising and marketing services agency, operates in more than 130 countries. Professor Kotler is one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing. "We weren't the first to figure this out," OILeary says. It integrates its e-mail efforts with other media, including direct mail, and tightly weaves both into interactive elements on the company's site. Physical discs still hold many advantages over the nonphysical media.

Requires that manufacturers state what the package contains, who made it, and how much it contains. Its prices must remain consistent with the value that customers see in the brand. However, business buyers actually respond to both economic and personal factors. Sources: American Express example adapted from Mara Der Hovanesian, "This Black Card Gives You Carte Blanche," Busine Week, August 9, 2004, p. 54.

Whereas customer perceptions of value set the ceiling for prices, company and product costs set the floor.

Americans love their cars. At least initially, Blu-ray captures the quality advantage in this race. With engaging real-world examples and information, Marketing: An Introduction shows students how customer value–creating it and capturing it–drives every effective marketing strategy. Dell knows that time is money, and the company is obsessed with "speed." No other marketing text presents such a clear and comprehensive customervalue approach. i Distribution j j Build selective distribution Diversify brand and models Phase out weak items Price to match or beat competitors Build more intensive distribution Cut price Stress brand differences and benefits Go selective: phase out unprofitable outlets Reduce to level needed to retain hard-core loyals Increase to encourage brand switching Reduce to minimal level I I Advertising Sales Promotion Build product awareness among early adopters and dealers Use heavy sales promotion to entice trial Build awareness and, interest in the mass market Reduce to take advantage of heavy consumer demand Source: Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, 12th ed.

describe marketing problems, ----___I____-----. UPS even bought a bank to underpin UPS Capital's operations. But what if actual sales were lower? One customer told researchers that lingering in a Starbucks felt like "celebrating Christmas with people you don't know." Marketing: An Introduction shows students how customer value–creating it and capturing it–drives every effective marketing strategy. "Somehow Dell has been able to take flexibility and speed and build it into their DNA. As H resdt,consumer advocates and policymakers are taking action Throughout the text, we present Real Marketing exhibits that summarize the main public policy and social responsibility issues surrounding major marketing decisions. GM was so impressed, that sumers want and customers need in their vehicles." These days, it seems that almost every time consumers enter a sweepstakes, apply for a credit card, visit a Web site, or order products by mail, telephone, or the Internet, their names enter some company's already bulging database. Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2019.

My card."

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