monkey man superhero

In this episode he is voiced by Andy Dick, who has a somewhat similar appearance with the character. Chester • Brainy Barker • Ultimate Echo Echo • Mr. Slinkman • Numbuh 86 • Captain Buzz Cheeply • Ryan Sumozski • Gwen Tennyson • Monkey Man is regarded as the worst super hero ever, born and raised in the Amazon Rainforest, brought up by monkeys, Jamal become a Human monkey. This article needs expansion. Ingrid Giraffe • Crawdad Eustace • J.P. Mercer • Mr. Gar, Robin • Arnold is pulled into an alley by two teenage thieves when the mysterious local superhero,Monkeyman, arrives to save him. Monkey saves Arnold from an alley by two thieves. Ultimate Way Big • Ripjaws • and appears in the episode of the same name. Bismuth • Dexter's Dad • Casanova • Mina Monroe • Living Bullet • Monkey • Susan Test • Relationships Johnny the Worm, Dexter • Swamp and Tad • Mary Test • Tuba, Lion-O • Four Arms • Later, Monkeyman gives Arnold a package of Sid's Beatle boots and askes to give those to Sid. Alien X • Raj • Nigel Planter, Cod Commando • Jane Doe, Adam Lyon • Numbuh 4 • Julie Yamamoto • Podunk Possum • Aqualad • Cooper Daniels • Patsy Smiles • Won't you please help out an article in need? The Kid • Sarah • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zoonatiks • Herald • When Monkeyman sees Sid gets mugged by thieves who stole his boots, Sid yelled at Monkeyman for being selfish and not doing his superhero business. Sticks • Shadow • Pud'n • Kickin Hawk • Gravattack • Tusky Husky • Mr. Woim • Lila Test • Huntress Wizard, Mordecai • Pizza Steve • Zan, Ben Tennyson • Krunk • Senator Safely, Mac • Ultimate Swampfire • Rock Blonko • Mr. Gus • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Harold • Rigby • Margaret Smith • Sherwood and Ed • Voiced by Lothar• Astrodactyl • Chloe Park • Monkeyman! Swampfire • Monkey's indomitable will is what often leads him to be considered the world's greatest superhero. Carmen the Cactus, Uncle Grandpa • Muriel Bagge • Monkeyman doesn't actually live in his "fortress of solitude". Witchy Simone, K.O. Shockquatch • Wildvine • The Emperor • Shnitzel • and appears in the episode of the same name. The next day at school, he tells some of his classmates about the incident. Madame Foster • Kevin Ethan Levin • Cheetara • Crashhopper • Kevin Whitney • Bloo's Gang • Wildebeest • Gwen Tennyson • Darwin Watterson • Kid Flash • BMO • Doc Saturday • Dukey • Monkeyman is a superhero in the Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold! Ultimate Beast • Puppycorn • The General • Batgirl • GO! Frankie Foster • Edd • Kwarrel • Doris • Starfire • Nergal Jr. • Bubbles • The Monkey Man is a human who was enslaved as a child by Aku's robot minions, but left that life when led away by a tribe of blue-skinned, white-haired apes. But, with a little cultivation, it could become a virtual paradise. Dr. Fox • Killowat • Global Security • The Mayor • At the zoo, Monkeyman gets teased by some bullies, they taked his stuffed monkey and chased him off the zoo. Billy • Numbuh Infinity • Alan Dracula • Whampire •, Sunny Bridges • Plank• Hazel • Chicken • Hey Arnold Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Greg Universe • Stinkfly • Way Big • Transformers Heroes. Wilt • Peridot • Numbuh 5 • [adult swim] Heroes • Lake • Jaga, George and Junior • Peter Parker Spider-Monkey Marvel Avengers Academy (Earth-TRN562 ) Kam, Chowder • Mordechai • Numbuh 9 • Professor Utonium • Grace • Jayna • Upchuck • Numbuh 362 • Yellow Diamond • Dexter's Mom • Jesse Cosay • Scooby-Doo Heroes • Pfish and Chip • Tail Terrier • Connie Maheswaran • Jake • One of Monkeyman's characteristics is that he inadvertently inserts the word "monkeyman" into his sentences. Luther • Slips Python • The Jungle Movie Original Series Yana • Wonder Woman • Hot Dog • Larry 3000, Samurai Jack • Mr. Black and Mr. White • Monkeyman's superhero "creedo" (as he spells it) is to: One of Monkeyman's characteristics is that he inadvertently inserts the word "monkeyman" into his sentences. Godfrey and Zeek • Sector Z • Tetrax Shard • Da Samurai • Komodo • Enid • Beast Boy • • Ranger Tabes, Prohyas Warrior • Carrie Krueger • Spidermonkey • Azmuth • Persky • Ms. Sara Bellum • Panda Bear • According to Mr. Green he's a "mystery wrapped in an enigma". This article or section is a stub. Jinx • Jody Irwin • After apologizing, he offers to show Jack his tribe. Ultimate Humungousaur • Rath • Jeff Randell • Reinrassic III • The Woolies • Beast Boy • Paw Pooch • Eye guy • Max Tennyson • Tobias Wilson • Association of World Super Men, Cow • Buck Tuddrussel • Echo Echo • This template will categorize articles that include it into the Article stubs task category. Unnamed AuntUnnamed Uncle Occupation Frankenstrike • Fred Fredburger • Speedy • Even when beaten within an inch of his life over and over, as the intergalacti… Jimmy • Bulldog • The Wolf, Grim • Wilfred, Courage • Fourarms • Robin • Clam • Cyborg • It would probably fall within the realm of a phonic tic disorder (which includes Tourette's syndrome and chronic tic disorder). Elfa Strike Squad • Age Superhero In return, the tribe teaches Jack to jump good via the application of heavy weights and constant training. As per the customs of their tribe, he learned to "jump good", allowing him to leap great and unnatural distances. Nazz • Diamondhead • Rose Quartz • Chip and Skip • Lupe Toucan • Starfire • Bullfrag • Jessica Cruz, Mao Mao • Stretch-O-Mutt, Johnny Test • Robbie the Robin • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. DeeDee-Bot, Major Glory • Hard Luck Duck • Mammoth Mutt • Phan Tone • Yumi Ishiyama • Marceline • He's the superhero of Hillwood. Numbuh 1,600 • Humungousaur • Yoink • Lil' D • Abraham Lincoln • Monkey Man is a character in Samurai Jack who was raised by monkeys who taught him to "jump good". Patches • He became a superhero and takes back his stuffed monkey. Feedback • Heatblast • Buttercup • Rolf • Eduardo • Red Star • Sticky Joe • Panthro • Eddie • Knuckles • Wintergreen • Numbuh 2 • Anais Watterson • Tygra • Gnarrk • Windsor Gorilla • This stub is making Kirby hungry with its lack of substance. Muscle Man • Following the invasion by the rival tribe, he strikes a deal with Jack, who fought off the invaders, to show him how to jump good in return for defense training. Mandy • Hi Five Ghost • White Diamond, Clarence Wendle • Eddy • The Scarecrow • Tamika • Red Action • Harold • Jeff the Spider • Blisstina, The Eds • Princess Bubblegum • Craig Bartlett (minor roles)Andy Dick ("Monkeyman!") Ulrich Stern • Truffles • Wilykat And Wilykit • Pearl • Panini, Zak Saturday • It would probably fall within the realm of a phonic tic disorder (which includes Tourette's syndrome and chronic tic disorder). Atomix • Kelsey Pokoly • When Arnold gives the superhero Monkeyman a taste of normal life, he's far too busy to bother helping the weak and downtrodden. Chelsea Keezheekoni, Grizzly Bear •

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