road to paloma review

It must have been written for some other movie. Jason Somoa would be better off sticking to playing good roles in good movies/TV series. He seems determined to stretch beyond the warrior roles that have been his bread and butter, and so far the evidence looks promising. Sound track is cool and gritty, much like the feel of the film. I loved this film, it takes its time, beautifully unfolding with quiet nuances instead of over the top drama. Sign up here. This laid-back attitude extends to Wolf (Mr. Momoa), a Native American who seems in no hurry to evade the dogged F.B.I. But he’ll have to do more than shave his beard to make us forget Khal Drogo. Good choice on the bikes too! Road to Paloma stars Momoa. As for anyone complaining that the ending wasn't "satisfying," you're wrong. And a slow-paced pseudo-commentary on the injustices committed against Native Americans by white men. I discovered this movie after i started watching Game of Thrones some weeks ago. All the visceral cut and paste art can't fully form Momoa's story. we get frustrated. Apart from being lead, he also directed this. Sex in a trailer, on stilettos and during the commission of a crime. It wasn't slow, it was careful. Seriously. This is very bad movie, i slept three times during the watch, just two drifters team up riding their motors making a drama movie, but the boring kind, i was waiting for something deep or worth my time but sorry that didn't happen please do yourself a favour and stay away from this garbage . Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. we get scared and heartbroken. Updated version of Easy Rider, with spirituality, drugs and rock n' roll! This is more than just a road movie, you don't need to like Motorcycles to enjoy it. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Jason Mamoa is more than a little bit involved in this movie. As a result, you get a story of blended and contrasting themes, filled with the tension of an impending doom. The long walk. The film does a good job of contrasting the shortcomings of western culture with the simplicity of a more ancient one. The Road to Paloma has a sad tone to it, established by both its theme and music. Fire helps you see at night and stay warm. This film is about the journey, a beautiful one, and a sad one. Hammer and nails. An effective throwback to the loose-limbed, my-way-or-the-highway road movies of the "Easy Rider" era. There is almost no dialogue. You will fall in love with characters and hate others with very subtle acting. Those scenes reminded me of Easy Rider and that is a great thing in my opinion. “Road to Paloma” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). This film is numbingly dull, an outlaw-on-the-run saga as laconic and slow-moving as its fierce, hirsute protagonist. On the run: Robert Homer Mollohan, left, and Jason Momoa in "Road to Paloma," Mr. Momoa's directorial debut. An extremely underrated film with a beautiful soundtrack and gorgeous cinematography. Road To Paloma is a fugitive-on-the-run story. Just caught the last half of this movie and I found it to be quite good. It's hard for most people who live a conventional way to imagine 'being' rather than doing. Creating an almost 'Easy Rider' vibe, as writer/first-time director/actor, Jason Momoa dazzles with moody emotional depth and a stylized visual eye, delivering a film that is not only beautiful to look at but beautifully done. I am not disappointed, despite the rating being quite a bit lower now. This movie is incredibly boring. The fact that viewers can sympathize with the likeable Wolf deepens the emotion. agent (Lance Henriksen) on his tail. A biker B-movie backed by the WWE, co-written and directed by Jason Momoa, can be a work of art. I could watch Jason Momoa all day long and thought all the characters were well cast. Movie Review A Fugitive Who Stops to Smell the Flowers On the run: Robert Homer Mollohan, left, and Jason Momoa in "Road to Paloma," Mr. Momoa's directorial debut. Using that quality to powerful effect, the director, Jason Momoa, and his cinematographer, Brian Andrew Mendoza, shore up a simple plot with a richly atmospheric palette of coppery light and caramel sunsets that makes even urgent events seem almost soothing. Jason Momoa got my attention after seeing his portrayal of Khal Drogo. and the reservation, is especially enjoyable - are slyly seductive. Less a failure of competing or conflicting visions and more just a buffet of poorly executed meanderings. Jason Momoa's directing debut "Road to Paloma" was amazing, gritty, rough, and hard to swallow. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Great addition to the duo. This might be one of my all time favorite movies. There is humor as well as bare knuckle action, again, adding to the general feel of the film. Protagonists here live in the moment, often what real nomads who happen to ride motorcycle do. If you are looking for a shoot-em up action movie, this is not for you. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets. ... an earnest but formulaic story of redemption. As he does on the excellent Sundance Channel drama “The Red Road” (recently renewed for a second season), Mr. Momoa softens his striking physical appearance with a restrained, sometimes playful performance. Barb wire fence. Road to Paloma isnâ(TM)t flashy, but it is a very well acted, and incredibly powerful movie for those who understand. This movie has a Great cast and acting, stunning scenery and backdrops, and a cool soundtrack that got my feet tapping many a time. I definitely want to see it from the beginning. Just for a moment I thought he directed this film, however it is the directorial debut of Jason Momoa, who also co-wrote and starred in the film as Wolf. Copyright © Fandango. So this movie was perfect for me, as he did not only act in it, he also co-wrote and directed 'Road to Paloma'. Having read one of the reviews here beforehand, i already knew the main concept of the plot, which wasn't really mind-blowing, but i decided to give the movie a shot since the impression movies make isn't always 100% based on plot. Road To Paloma features perhaps the most motorcycle-riding footage of any actor-directed vanity project since The Brown Bunny. Which means he really stands behind this story and wanted to tell it the way it is shown. The supporting actor, played by Robert Homer Mollohan, is the comic relief in the film. I wanted to know more about this guy and see more of his work. I like how they let the motorcycle riding tell a story too! The movie is rated “R” because it … Jason shines and shows promise. Seriously...ignore the story line description. This movie wasn't to bad, as other reviewers have mentioned, this isn't an action movie really.. there are some fight scenes, some action scenes. Takes you on a man's journey of what consquences lead up to when you chose to take the law into your own hands for family. The acting was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the pace of this movie. And it is also has an "Easy Rider" vibe. (Director) Momoa progresses through the episodic plot with confident skill, although he may have had a few words with his leading man about easing back on the Rock-like charm (Wolf is murderer on the run, after all). The story was great in my opinion, and it honestly was a different type of tale. The performances are low-key, the visuals tell the story, not a lot of dialogue, wonderful use of music, and the movie is leisurely and laid-back. There's more to Conan than one might think. The entire thing could have been done in 15 minutes, and it may have had some entertainment value. Momoa didn't create this picture to please you, he created this picture to bring to light the injustices committed against Native Americans, and his characters' struggle after taking these matters into his own hands and doing what he believed was right. A Fugitive Who Stops to Smell the Flowers. Loved the native spirituality in this movie, makes it a great juxtaposition of sentimentality, against the harsh background of a bikers life. The cinematography is beautiful which adds to the story. Good movie. It got a 2 because of the nice scenery....and believe me, it takes up a huge chunk of the movie. Jason Momoa of “Game Of Thrones,” “The Red Road” and Conan the Barbarian makes his directorial debut and stars in this intense road movie as Wolf, a Native American on the run after avenging his mother’s murder. Most films these days skip those moments out and just jump to a scene of a guy getting off a motorcycle, yet in this movie they let us see the actors riding with beautiful scenery all around them. None of this is riveting, but the film’s loose naturalism and strong acting — Chris Browning, as a liaison between the F.B.I. Gritty, grim and uncompromising, Road to Paloma is an uncommonly thoughtful and thrilling ride, made all the better by Jason Momoa's magnetic screen presence. Written by Aquaman, directed by Bootleg Conan the Barbarian, and starring Khal Drogo, Road to Paloma is the story of a Native-American known as Wolf wanted for murder for avenging his mother's death and on the run from the FBI. It is about family, love, redemption, brotherhood, and justice. This movie brings new meaning to boring and dull numbingly so.Yes there is some nice scenery but, that's usually the reason for making a documentary. The consequences of that could be easily imagined. and the Terms and Policies, Well the Conan that did not succeed that is and you might not even have seen. Simply put it is just a very boring dissatisfying piece of cinema. Road To Paloma reminded me very much of Easy Rider and although the central plot for both films is different this film seemed to use a similar approach to drive the narrative forward; random introduction of a 'new' stranger to the road trip, cruising around everywhere on motorbikes, lots of nonsensical hippy-dialogue and stoner type talk. we fall in love. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy In life we are all on a journey and I feel this movie incorporates that into the allegory of the motorcycle perfectly. None of this is riveting, but the film's loose naturalism and strong acting - Chris Browning, as a liaison between the F.B.I. I don't think that the point of the story was to examine morality in any great way; aside from the pain of suffering loss and the injustice that often prevails. Extreme digging. Road To Paloma is a fugitive-on-the-run story, a road flick that zooms across the sun-dappled landscapes of the American West, and a slow-paced pseudo-commentary on the injustices committed against Native Americans by white men.It is also, to date, the most Jason Momoa movie in the history of motion pictures. Forgot your password? Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Retains a rich cinematic personality and satisfying performances, keeping just enough emotion on the front burner to help follow the hunt. Don't have an account? “Road to Paloma,” a leisurely drama about family, brotherhood and Native American rights, plays out on the dusty highways and barren landscapes of an American West that seems frozen in time. A road flick that zooms across the sun-dappled landscapes of the American West. I cannot comment on the acting as there is so little of it. Beautifully filmed with a great soundtrack. The story will make you ask yourself if taking the law into your own hands is the only option sometimes.

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