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It is believed by many historians that rounders and cricket 1st evolved from a game called stoolball. Batters may run on 'no-balls' but do not have to. Proposed Dublin Social Rounders League / Healthy Club Initiative for 2021. Read More → Posted on 2020-08-24 13:16:06 Senior Mens - Erne Eagles V Breaffy 23/08/20. Rounders is a striking and fielding team game that involves hitting a small, hard, leather-cased ball with a rounded end wooden, plastic, or metal bat. Rounders is a bat and ball game and is not that dis-similar to baseball. Rounders ist eine Ballsportart (Schlagballspiel) von den britischen Inseln, das in englischen Quellen bereits 1744 als Baseball (!) Rounders is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Gaming Hall | IR LIVE | | Live Poker Tournaments. There is no limit for the number of batters a team may list. Two innings constitute a game. While the two associations are distinct, they share similar elements of game play and culture. If the batter does not keep contact with the post, the fielding side can stump the next post to get the player out. The batter is also declared out if he reaches a base that is already stumped or the batter runs while the bat is dropped. [9] In 1828, William Clarke in London published the second edition of The Boy's Own Book, which included the rules of rounders and also the first printed description in English of a bat and ball base-running game played on a diamond. Es hat ein (fast) quadratisches Spielfeld mit 4 Malen, „Bases“, die umrundet werden müssen. In Irland ist die GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) zuständig. Baseball is widespread throughout the USA, Canada and Japan and rounders is played by 2,000,000 school children in the United Kingdom. The satisfying ‘thwack’ as heavy ball meets wooden bat; the lush green field dotted with coloured cones, shining under the British summer sun; the grass-stained knees as you slide valiantly past fourth base. McSport are 100% IRISH & supplying Ireland with strength, fitness & sports equipment since 1980. Competitions are held between teams from both traditions. Otherwise, it is called a 'no-ball' or 'bad' ball. copyright, contact History of the Gaelic Athletic Association, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, National Rounders Association – History of the Game, "Save rounders! Later the rules were formalized in Great Britain, where the game is regulated by Rounders England. While there are differences between the rules set by Rounders England and by the GAA,[13][12] they share much in common. search 2 batters cannot be at the same post so a batter must run on to the next post if the next batter catches up with them. The 1st official rules did away with the practice of putting a running batter out by hitting them with a thrown ball. The first nationally formalised rules were drawn up by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in Ireland in 1884. A GAA rounders pitch is a 70-metre (77 yd) square field and bases are 25 metres (27 yd) apart, compared to 12 metres (13 yd) for the Rounders England game. Sport spielt eine bedeutende Rolle im Vereinigten Königreich.Die beliebteste Mannschaftssportart ist mit großem Abstand Fußball.Es folgen Cricket, Rugby Union und Rugby League.Bedeutende Einzelsportarten sind Leichtathletik, Fechten, Golf, Motorsport und Pferderennen.Das Regelwerk vieler bedeutender Sportarten entwickelte sich im Vereinigten Königreich. In this way, it is possible to reach 4th post and score a rounder, even if the ball is hit behind (although this would only happen in practice due to a fielding error). Both the 'New York game' and the now-defunct 'Massachusetts game' versions of baseball, as well as softball, share the same historical roots as rounders and bear a resemblance to the GAA version of the game. It is played on a larger pitch compared to the Rounders England game and consequently uses larger bats and slightly larger balls. sitemap Bases are normally marked with temporary square mats 64 cm (28") wide for home-base and the pitchers stand and 46 centimetres (18 in) wide for all others. Sports; Rounders; Rounders. Nine players constitute a team, with the fielding side consisting of the bowler, the catcher, a player on each of the four bases, and three deep fielders. If the batter hits the ball or is bowled a no ball and then reaches the fourth post, a rounder is scored. Each batting team's inning continues until three outs are made. Please visit the Official GAA Rounders website for more details at, Fáilte chuig - suíomh oifigiúil CLG. Each batter, except the last in each inning, is entitled to receive one good ball: the last batter is entitled to receive three good balls unless he or she is caught out. All rights reserved. If the ball is hit behind the batting square or not hit at all, the batter may can only run to first base. The bases are marked with posts, which batters must keep in contact with and fielders must 'stump', and only one 'good' ball needs to be thrown before a batter must run. store, newsletter Iscrizioni SSD Rounders; Rounders TV; Gallery; VRounders; Contatti; The Three Musketeers 15 October 2020 L'evento iniziera' tra 00:00:00:00. facebook on a third good ball, the batter fails to strike the ball and the catcher holds the ball before it touches the ground; the bat is thrown or tossed in a dangerous way; on a third good ball, the batter strikes the ball into the foul area; the bowler or catcher's view is obstructed for a second time, after a warning given on the first instance; deliberate contact is made with a fielder carrying the ball; the batter touches a base that has been 'tagged' by another fielder carrying the ball, in which case the batter must return to the previous base if it is still unoccupied; the batter attempts to occupy a base occupied by someone else (with the exception of first base, which must be vacated to make way for the approaching batter. As the batter leaves a post, each runner at his post can run to the next posts. Rules. Rounders is the name used by Jane Austen in her book “Northanger Abbey”. document.write("Page last modified: " + document.lastModified +""); Gaelic games, the traditional sports played in Ireland organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), include. Check out the 800 sports in the Encyclopedia of Every Sport. The ball (or sliotar) circumference is 22.7–25.5 centimetres (8.9–10.0 in) and bats may be 70–110 centimetres (28–43 in) long and up to 7 centimetres (2.8 in) in diameter. The players score by running around the four bases on the field. The ball circumference must be between 180 millimetres (7.1 in) and 200 millimetres (7.9 in) and the bat no more than 460 millimetres (18 in) in length and 170 millimetres (6.7 in) in diameter. The GAA version of rounders is very similar to softball, the main difference being that the game is played with baseball-sized bats, balls and field. Rounders is similar to baseball and softball and is a popular sport throughout the world. Otherwise, the batter runs around as many of the bases as possible and stops at a post only when the batter thinks there is a danger of the next post being 'stumped'. The object of the game is to hit a ball (roughly the size of a tennis, but much harder) with a bat. [1][2], Played in England since Tudor times, it is referenced in 1744 in the children's book A Little Pretty Pocket-Book where it was called Base-Ball. Today rounders in it different forms is a very popular sport. Jones Road, bezeichnet wird. A batter may try to hit a bad ball but is not required to do so. Rounders is linked to British baseball, which is still played in Liverpool, Cardiff and Newport. Rounders is game that is played between two teams with a bat and ball, the sport on which game of baseball is based. The ball is also regarded as bad if it is thrown into the batter's body or wide of the batting box. The batter must keep in contact with the base to avoid being declared out. Today rounders in it different forms is a very popular sport. The very best in sports equipment from the leading sports retailer in Ireland.

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