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It was re-aired on GMA News TV from July 12, 2016 to January 20, 2017. He later becomes a citizen of Yuan. Please enter your username or email address. Ki Sung-Yong Wedding. Heuksoo (Oh Gwang-rok): Leader of Eagle Group – He is the leader of the Eagle Group which deals as trader and also selling wanderers as slaves. Kim Myung-soo - Ki Ja-oh( Father of Sunyang) Han Hye-rin - Lady Park. Son of Khutugh Khan Kusala (Myungjong) with Babusha, Sunje was exempted from the Yuan court after his father’s death. Ta-hwan eventually returns to Yuan and ascends the throne, but his heart continues to feel sorry for her. Wang Go (Lee Jae-yong): a prominent Goryeo royalty. This show is going to such a satisfying watch, in an admittedly sadistic way. Obeying only the words of his father and his older brother, he thinks lowly of Goryeo born, and doesn’t spare an ounce of respect towards the eunuchs and the  palace maids. Born on March 10, 1983, she made her acting debut in the 1996 television drama “Oxtail Soup” at the age of 12. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Check out this preview of this winter's Korean Drama offerings! Wang Yoo (Joo Jin-mo): ruler of the Goryeo Dynasty. I am now looking at it again from episode 1 to the end. Lady Oh Seol-hwa (Jeon Se-hyun): Imperial Concubine of the Fifth Rank (Jaein). [4][5] According to a report by Taiwan's drama channel ETTV, the series was ranked as the best foreign program for 2014 with 5.35% viewership rating, becoming the second Korean drama after Jewel in the Palace (2003) to do so. As the primary empress, she is expected to give birth to the successor of the throne. ( Log Out /  He was overthrown by his own nephew Toghtogha. Tags: Han Seok-kyu, Im Seul-ong, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Zombie Detective: Episodes 7-8 Open Thread, Yoo Inna's ex-husband Eric is the dancer at her friend's bachelorette party in The Spies Who Loved Me, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Episodes 3-4 Open Thread. It was the highest rated Korean drama in the Philippines for 2015. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; He fosters good relationship with Yuan as a way to gain favour from the dynasty in order to promote himself as a suitable king of Goryeo. The entire series was dubbed in Filipino. He is like the brain to Baek Ahn’s brawn. Ta-hwan follows every word that she says. [Toghtogha]. appId : '127538621120543', Does anyone have an idea what it might translate to? Since Empress Ki will be a 50-episode drama, this is a character description post for reference, translated from the drama’s official website. [11] Each episode runs 1 hour including commercial breaks. // Load the SDK asynchronously Filming has reportedly resumed for MBC's upcoming romance drama 20th Century Boy and Girl, with plans for the series to premiere on schedule despite the ongoing strikes at MBC and... Ooh, this cast is shaping up quite nicely. "Battle of Flowers") but the title was changed to prevent confusion with the similarly named playing cards. 4 K-Dramas That Will Grab You and Not Let Go. Growing up as an Imperial Prince, he leads a lonely life after the death of his maternal family and continues to be ignored by the  Emperor, whom he thinks is his real father. That's it. She grows closer to Ta-hwan, but his betrayal causes the death of her father and she vows to avenge him. Empress Ki (Korean: 기황후; Hanja: 奇皇后; RR: Gi Hwanghu) is a South Korean historical drama television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Empress Ki. Although I came here many times, only now I know, and I can thank for the useful work done here. I find my self searching the web just to get more on the historical nature of each character. In the midst of the political struggle and conflicts happening in the royal family, she remains unscathed, maintaining her position in the Yuan court. [Empress Qi/Öljei Khutugh]. He finally became the emperor after Rinchinbal’s death, but the real power was in the hands of Tugh Temür’s widow Khatun Budashiri, who was made the Great Empress Dowager, and also the family members of his first empress Danashiri. It aired on MBC from October 28, 2013 to April 29, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 55 episodes.. A domestic and overseas hit, the series received the Golden Bird Prize for Serial Drama at the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards. Diary of June (also known as Bystanders) is a 2005 South Korean mystery-crime film starring Shin Eun-kyung, Yunjin Kim and Eric Mun. He’s sent to be exiled in Goryeo and just like his late father, he lives each day fearing for his own life and chooses to act like a fool in front of the officials. However, she was soon embroiled in the conflict between her family and Sunje, causing her to be killed by poisoning although she was not involved in the treason planned by her family. Most of them are from books and websites such as Wikipedia. Ryu Hyun-kyung up to join girlfriend trio in No Sex and the City by tipsymocha. I love, love this Korean drama. Ki Ja-oh (Kim Myung-soo): Seung-nyang’s birth father [Ki Ja-o] – A Commander in Inju (old Incheon). Taltal (Jin Yi-han): Baek Ahn’s nephew; Yuan’s future Prime Minister. He was Commander Ki’s closest friend and worked together with him. Tapjahae (Cha Do-jin): Yeon-chul’s second son. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; [King Chungsuk] – Abdicated the throne for his son. Ryu Hyun-kyung is a South Korean actress. Empress Ki (Korean: 기황후; Hanja: 奇皇后; RR: Gi Hwanghu) is a South Korean historical drama television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Empress Ki. Kkwe-bo (Shin Seung-hwan): Ta-hwan’s eunuch from Goryeo – He serves Ta-hwan as his eunuch when the latter is exiled to Goryeo. Tried to install her family members back in Goryeo as the dynasty’s ruler and planned several attacks on Goryeo but defeated. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Jin Yi Han as Tal Tal Kim Suh Hyung as Empress Dowager Yoon Ah Jung as Princess Yeon Hwa Kim Myung Gook as Jang Soon Yong Jo Woo Jin as Wang Go’s solider Yoo In Young as Yeon Bi Soo Ryu Hyun Kyung as Princess Kyung Hwa Shin Seung Hwan as Ggoi Bo. He is deposed from Goryeo’s throne and exiled to Yuan. She grows up disguising as a man to avenge her mother’s death.

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