soft point vs hollow point for hunting

Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. I am not looking to save pelts, just pest control. However, few deer hunters actually need accuracy and killing power beyond 200 yards (and many of us need less than half that distance). Velocity, how many grain bullet and distance all come into play in some fashion but that is why we practice and learn. I’m interested to learn more about some tips to make sure that they are moved safely and what you may need to use to achieve this. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Most premium ammo manufacturers produce ballistic tip bullets these days. Revolver 1 is a Super Blackhawk Hunter, scoped Revolver 2 is a Super Blackhawk, Open Sights I have the following molds in both hollowpoint and solid point. FMJ rounds have a well-earned reputation for keeping their shape even in extreme conditions, a handy feature for use in tough field conditions. Smaller animals I may choose to go hollow point and for those critters that I want to fill my freezer, probably go with soft point. Becoming more and more popular in the hunting and competitive shooting world is the ballistic tipped style of bullets. I’ve been slowly transitioning my friends from spending their weekends at the gun ranges to actually going out hunting with me depending on the seasons, and it’s been fun. Of course, worst case scenario, the cheap SP acts like a FMJ, which is still lethal. 0.224 HP bullets are not all designed for "varmints"..the Sierra 55gr BTHP is in their Gameking lineup, right next to 55gr SP. you guys just “GET ER DONE!”… The service and products are Effective marketing does a good job at convincing the typical deer hunter that more expensive, fancy, and modern is better. The Hollow Point shape has an opening in the nose, which depending on the use of the bullet, may be designed for complete fragmentation, controlled expansion, or no expansion at all (MatchKing). RICK O'SHAY. I have heard great things about it and yes it is a little pricey but how many rounds do you go through in each season? I'm a sweet natured, inexplicably irresistable Outdoors and Waterman trying to solve the world's problems with opinions on everything! They waste way too much meat. Keep up the great work! As others have mentioned, the 55gr is more suited for varmints and smaller animals (prairie dogs, squirrels, rabbits, etc). By "standard" I mean soft point and hollow point bullets of the types made the major bullet manufacturers. My husband loves to hunt, but I noticed that he’s low on ammunition, and he has a trip coming up. This is because tip drag on a pointed bullet accounts for less than five percent of total drag. Ultimately the “best” round is one you can shoot with confidence and proficiency. Most hunters agree, the reliable function isn’t worth the sacrifices made in wound creation. What about a hollow point? Again, take into consideration what you are hunting, a soft point on a rabbit will kill just as easily as a Hollow point with less meat being damaged. Okay, so you have a lot of very general information, but a reasonably simple explanation of the difference between a hollow point bullet and a soft point. Still, no matter which rifle you carry or which cartridge you choose, the only thing that actually makes contact with the deer is your bullet. Even if you load your gun with the most expensive, cutting-edge, high performance ammo, there is no substitute for accuracy. It is no wonder they have become some of the most popular rounds for both hunting and self-defense. This is as close as you’re going to get to hollow point performance on a soft target. Roger on the .243, I have one also, It's just. I also should remind you that pissed off bears and hogs are not especially fond of getting shot and can turn on you in an instant.

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