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This one serves partially as a British schoolroom drama about a young girl that stands apart from her peers. I did that with Fellside. As a teenage girl with tourette’s, sensory processing disorder, and other assorted weirdness TGWATG changed my life. Can you address your thoughts and decisions on that, as well as maybe your choices of types of characters to flesh out the story? ahr19: What was your thought process to having such racially diverse characters in GIRL? Looks like things are going swimmingly :), 1) As you (and I think everyone else at this point) know, I’m a huge fan of The Girl With all the Gifts—now Fellside as well. Glenn Close always makes for a great villain, but it’s too easy to see in her a negative light. I suspected the children were born zombies and not made. Welcome back. Carey’s answer also included great advice about character building that includes Jess, Fellside‘s protagonist: ambraz: made an account because you are my FAVORITE author of all time. And my favourite dystopian movie is Children Of Men. One of the most popular actions is buying gifts for the girl they like. I can’t imagine how you would do that visually but I hope you figured out a way to do it. Movie is out on 9th September in the UK, TBA in the US but very close to that date. (Beware, there are some spoilers for The Girl With All the Gifts in the questions and answers.). Who knew that writing a novel and a screenplay at the same time would be so fulfilling creatively? actually not just human flesh, but protein and not much else, etc), to name but a few characteristics. It’s most explicit in The Unwritten, but it’s always there. But instead of just saying his favorites, Carey pulls out an element of each that spoke to him: cognitivezombie: I enjoyed reading The Girl With All the Gifts and I am excited for the movie. Again and again I find myself writing stories about stories. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m psyched to hear there is a movie. “The Girl with All The Gifts” continues modern cinema’s desire to play with the zombie movie. Carey also discussed his new novel Fellside: how he came up with this ghostly prison story, and what similarities its protagonist Jess shares with young Melanie. I've just finished this amazing book, and loved it, but I have a few questions. It also meant that I got to try out different approaches and effects. Not to mention some nostalgic musings on his work on Lucifer and The Unwritten… Read on for the highlights! It’s something I struggle with. Stories are made out of other stories—all the stories you read or heard when you were growing up, that sink into your brain and become a substrate there. Here’s hoping you got an excellent child actress to play Melanie. Does this work in the movie? While the film cracks in near 2 hours, it tries to be three films at once. Please enter your username or email address. You’ve chosen a way in that’s not taking you where you need to be. A scientist and a teacher living in a dystopian future embark on a journey of survival with a special young girl named Melanie. And then the prison setting occurred to me as something that would probably work. We were committed to having as diverse and inclusive a line-up as we could across the board, but we didn’t ring-fence any one role. Even without prior knowledge of how a tribe or pack works, the children, without speaking, formed a group with a leader and a group hunt mentality. If you truly love a girl and want her to know how much you care about her, sometimes, all you need to do is understand her needs and be there for her. Everybody who’s seen the film so far has been completely gobsmacked at how good she is. I considered her to be alive. What happens when they run out of 'food'? ... - The Girl With All The Gifts; Zombie girl upends the world. What was she before she was an addict? Zombie movies are actually really versatile—you can do almost anything with them. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! When you’re feeling your way into a story it’s like there’s this block in front of you, this volume—only you’re not cutting it into shape, you’re burrowing through it. When is it coming out? And back in the day I loved John Gardner’s Grendel—Beowulf retold from the monster’s point of view. I am not sure how to explain what I mean, but I’ll just say sometimes stylistic things like that can feel pretentious and forced, but your writing seemed true to real people. All children experience the world with incredible vividness and intensity. Carey’s The Girl With All the Gifts was coming to the big screen, it turns out that Carey was writing the screenplay while plotting out the novel years ago! MRC: Yes, it works brilliantly in the movie (IMO). My favourite dystopian novel is Jasper Fforde’s Shades Of Grey (although I wish he’d thought of a different title). For example the novel jumps around between different points of view, the movie is Melanie’s POV throughout. I worked up a rough sense of a plot and I interrogated it. It’s very visible in TGWATG. And Dillon, whose ethnicity is never given in the book, is played by Antony Welsh. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was really concerned that that are all sitting there locked up in those cells still. What advice do you have about character building? One thing I love about Girl is the voice, tone and POV. Very small things can fill their attention from horizon to horizon. And the final conversation between Melanie and Caldwell is different in the two versions, as is Caldwell’s death. I decided to make her an exile from this Other Place when we first meet her, so she can rediscover it and remember it, taking us on the journey with her. I do not know if it is real, but reading it brought more closure to me and answered a lot of questions I was left with. Which means that myth kind of becomes reality. 2) It started with me wanting to tell a story about addiction and what it can do to you. It's available to watch. I thought that added more realism to the story and the relationship with Melanie and Justineau really touched me. Ten International Horror Movies to Stream This Halloween, The Difference Is Entirely One of Setting: Iain Banks’, What Comic Book and Toy Collecting Taught Me About Writing, Netflix Orders Adaptation of V.E. So Miss Justineau ended up being played by Gemma Arterton, who of course is white, but Melanie and Gallagher, who are white in the book, are played by Sennia Nanua and Fisayo Akinade. 1) You know that joke about how to turn a block of marble into Michaelangelo’s David? 2) What was the bare seed of an idea that first got you interested in writing Fellside? Unfortunately, the girl is a second generation zombie who manages to escape the fall of her home military base. One Redditor shared a touching story about how she saw her “assorted weirdness” reflected back in Melanie, a girl who is feared by others and tries to understand her place in the world. Land Of the Dead is awesome. I was actually writing the novel and the screenplay at the same time, working the story into two different forms for the two different media. Am I way off mark? Cronin’s The Passage re-invented vampires in a way I found quite interesting. It’s one of several moments that affects me strongly every time I see it. So I tossed it and started again. Danny Trejo Battles Mutant Pig-Soldiers in Exploitation Epic BULLETS OF JUSTICE, Sir Patrick Stewart narrates ‘Sinbad The Fifth Voyage – Ultimate Director’s Cut’, DEAD RECKONING, starring K.J. Once you decide on the next book you want to write from an idea like this, what are your very next steps? I thought it was pretty neat when I started out, but actually it was disastrous. A very satisfying ending, too. Sometimes stories use us to make themselves real. You have to imagine that adjusting the characters’ perspectives will lend itself to scenes like the one this reader describes: oppositeofawake: I think the scene between Justineau and Melanie, when Justineau touches her on the head for the first time, make TGWATG worth it, even if one doesn’t like zombie stories. The brain is dead (or something like that) and the body continues to be animated by the fungus. Did you ever have the experience of starting to write and having to scrap it and start again because it’s just not working. It’s horses for courses. I had a blast, and I also learned a lot from that process of translation and re-invention—even though I’d already adapted other people’s novels both into screenplays and into comics. But the pregnant mother could have been infected whenever they were born from 5 to 10 years rather that at the start of the breakdown. So then I did my catechism thing. Meet ‘Pretty Boy’ in the brand-new trailer for BLIND! When modern men meet a girl they like they will start to think how to get her attention by being nice to her. That’s still pretty external, though. And what’s the best way of making the reader feel those things? I'd draw the parallel with the movie 28 Days Later which most people accept as a zombie flic, but in a special category of infected/science justified zombies. Thanks for publishing it! Do you dare discuss that? Their childhood, their tastes and passions, their relationships. In a very different way, so is Sarah Pinborough’s The Death House—a zombie novel with no actual zombies. Melanie has no experience of the world outside the base, so she puts the stories Miss Justineau tells her in place of that experience. It’s a rough and ready way to get a sense of that volume, that story space. The introduction and development of the characters is also quite different. And eventually you get a sense of the angle you have to come in from. Do you know of any more genre breaking horror/monster titles. I’m fascinated by your process…. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Believe me, you expressed yourself very adequately and eloquently. But the bodies aren't dead. MRC: That scene lands so well in the movie. The breakthrough with GIRL came when I decided to write in the present tense. :). It’s a steady, inexorable build to the lab scene, with one very nice twist that isn’t in the book. (or Mike) Carey's novel The Girl With All The Gifts, and the film of the same name, which Carey also wrote.The book garnered mostly positive reviews upon its publication back in … Schwab Vampire Story, Something in the Water, Something in the Air: Kaaron Warren’s “The Diesel Pool”, Never Say You Can’t Survive: Find Your Voice and Make It LOUD, “I am done being reflexively supportive” —, 6 Must-Read SFF Books by Jewish Authors From Around the World. MRC: I loved 28 Days Later, but not the sequel. MRC: It didn’t feel like something that needed to be thought about much, to be honest. The Girl With All the Gifts question 1918 views [SPOILERS!] I write about how real lives and fictions interact, or about the ways in which real events sublime into myths, or about how we construct our own lives as stories. This is explained in the book (I assume we're supposed to trust Dr Caldwell's final conclusion). And Melanie is awesome. Illuminating parts of it. There comes a time when you finally realize that the girl standing right in front of you turns out to be the girl you’re meant to be with. Melanie is maybe the most dynamic and wonderful character I’ve ever read. With Jess in Fellside the salient thing to get across is that she effectively lives in two worlds, one of which is intangible and made out of memories and dream fragments. That discussion continues with mentions of other interpretations of zombies in pop culture, some that don’t even have zombies in them!

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