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A group of women had come to his tomb to anoint the body for a proper burial. I find your arguments weak and filled with modern presuppositions about the state of common knowledge in 1st century Judea and transmission of the same. Matthew says that there was, immediately following Jesus’s death, an earthquake, and this earthquake was accompanied by an astonishing mass resurrection in which “many bodies of… One or more of them converted to Christianity (or didn’t) and Matthew interviewed them. If Matthew believed that the story was true, and not a bit of folklore, we will never know what evidence or testimony convinced him that it was true. So that’s preciously how it needs to be. You could forget scripture in this argument. The Bible says, “we live, move, and have our being IN God”. So I give you this command: In the presence of God and the Messiah Jesus, who is going to judge those who are living and those who are dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I solemnly appeal to you. If Matthew can include such a wildly implausible and fanciful story in his gospel, maybe a lot of other things that he asserts are fanciful as well. Ihave been free from the religious delusion for over a decade now. Matthew 27:51-53 would seem to provide clear evidence that the author of “Matthew” (whoever he was) had a very low regard for verification (either getting it for himself or distributing it to others). He, she, it, they, them, same. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Death had been defeated, and Jesus is forever alive. Herod Tetrarch was little more than a pawn that Augustus could easily have executed or replaced. Don’t ever quit. It will be when Christ comes to bring His holy nation. All rights reserved worldwide. Why? I agree that this is a very strange story. The 3rd largest population of Jews on the planet live in Iran. A primary verb; to live. Timothy was conjured by the "appearing" of Christ when he would have to stand before Him and be judged; he was conjured, too, by "His kingdom," in which glorious state Timothy hoped to share, for was it not promised that His own should reign with Him? Bible Verses About Peace I love the KJV. Why? Personal / Possessive Pronoun - Genitive Masculine 3rd Person Singular. The dead praise not the LORD, neither any that go down into silence. All rights reserved. All news comes with an underlying worldview and ideological orientation (whether spoken, unspoken, or denied). “Human nature has not changed much in respect to seeing dudes that were dead and entombed hanging around with their loved ones and being recognized”. Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’”. The "kingdom" here spoken of is to commence at Christ's glorious epiphany or manifestation, when "the kingdoms of the world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever" (Revelation 11:15). Or perhaps Herod’s misdeeds were so legion that the Bethlehem incident was just one more outrage and pretty irrelevant to Josephus’ purpose. : ). There were no witnesses to corroborate my claims simply because I believed with all my might there was a shield of invisibility engulfing my body. Somehow, someway, people think God has to obey the universe. Scripture quoted by permission. The Messiah, an epithet of Jesus. When adults are spouting fantasy just because they believe so hard it’s real, in a public forum no less, some rational folks need to jump in and remind everyone that we live in reality, not a Saturday morning cartoon. The Earth doesn’t rest on four pillars. Because none of it happened. They completely support the War on Islam. At his appearing and his kingdom.--The older authorities here--instead of the preposition "at"--read "and." I solemnly urge you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, who will someday judge the living and the dead when he comes to set up his Kingdom: I charge you therefore before God, and before the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the quick and the dead at his appearing in his kingdom: In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I solemnly urge you: This is my solemn charge to you, in the presence of God and King Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and by his appearance and his kingdom: I solemnly charge you before Hashem and Moshiach Yehoshua, the imminent Shofet of the living and dead, and by the Bi’as HaMoshiach and His Malchut: Timothy, in the presence of our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who is destined to judge both the living and the dead by the revelation of his kingdom—I solemnly instruct you to, Therefore, I Charge you before God and before the Lord Jesus Christ, Who shall judge the living and dead at His appearing and in His Kingdom -. Don’t believe me? In fact I think Christ rises to these occasions. Bible Verses About Prayer, Bible Verses About Children One would think that a critic of Herod would not leave out what could be the magnum opus in a career of wickedness. So, too, Deuteronomy 4:26 (LXX. Perhaps you are seeking to make the greek text appear to be obsolete. In this country alone we have countless accounts of ones who were thought to be dead, awake (resurrect) even on the table preparing to be embalmed. So pretty much of what is read in the “revised” text is more for central control and planning than it is as actual account. The “night of the living dead” is a very strange way to describe the story, even if you disbelieve it. An event of so dramatic a nature would have changed everything in history. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Jesus did not claim to be the “staff”. I wonder how much longer the majority of people will believe such fairy tales. Matthew 27:51-53. And, once in writing, a group of His children form together to believe and live by these writings. rule, or a realm. You see, very little intellectual honesty and much laziness is done by those who lack faith. There is a reason for this - Jesus wasn't there for very long. Human nature has not changed much in respect to seeing dudes that were dead and entombed hanging around with their loved ones and being recognized. This goes to the credibility of the entire gospel. CNN is in the unspoken column, falling in the center. This being created beings it knew wouldn’t choose it, tested and caused pain to beings it knew where going to be faithful, for what? He is about to break into the open with his rule, so proclaim the Message with intensity; keep on your watch. Just keep it simple. Bible Verses About Heaven. Just as angels appeared to proclaim his birth, an angel now appeared to proclaim his resurrection. Simple fact is much of the bible…it never happened and if peices of it did the facts were edited and corrupted by humans with an agenda through history as the “ancient texts” were translated and re-translated. He is coming again to rule in his kingdom. I was baptized on an Easter morning at the age of seven. Santi Tafarella's blog on books, culture, and politics, The Santi Report (My Version of a Drudge Report Page), Cringe inducing: Christians talk about Obama’s sincerity in prayer, Matthew 27:51-53: The Bible’s “Night of the Living Dead” Passage,, America’s Largest Cult: 64% of Evangelicals Hold to the Young Earth Creationist Belief That “God created humans pretty much in their present form at one time in the last 10,000 years or so.”, Emily Dickinson, Lesbian? God has left us the message exactly as it is–with no video etc….just a message that was designed specifically through God’s infinite foreknowledge of how to draw His true children to Him..and leave the pretenders to just say its all crap. “We Rule You, We Fool You”: Classic 1911 Poster Depicting Capitalism Titled “Pyramid of Capitalist System”, The Journey Starts Now: How To Discover What Motivates Us - Yellow Parachute Learning Partners, Human Beings are “Purpose Maximizers, Not Profit Maximizers”, Emily Dickinson, Lesbian? Reclaim the discipline of biblical meditation. In it, we unpack some of the most popular "spiritual statements" that have made their way into popular culture and the church, even though they are not theologically sound. God’s love and expression is universal. How do we know whether Matthew isn’t just circulating a grotesque and fantastic antisemitic rumor? I say this before God and Jesus Christ. The world would never have given Israel back to the Jews had Hitler never happened, the fact that Roosevelt and Churchill had intelligence reports of the concentration camps before both were at war with Germany is proof of this. A man also can’t live for nearly a thousand years. If Matthew can make a wild claim concerning many people rising from the dead, it casts doubt on the story he offers of one person rising from the dead (Jesus). What I didn't yet understand was the true fullness of that ancient question, "why do you seek the living among the dead?". I have the privilege of being an alumni of the prestigious University of Chicago, Duke University, Yale University; and my dear Grandmother used to tell me when I was a little boy that, “If you think you know everything, then you don’t know anything. Read Seeking the Living Among the Dead - He Is Risen! If it seems so impossible to you, what about (Luke 9vs28-31. If you’re this blind to the truth and the beauty in Matthews recording then you’re probably also very unaware of what’s going on around in the world right now. Do you long for a deeper experience with the Lord? The trick is in not fooling yourself when you’re watching your own side. I’m a witness. : Her Letter to Susan Gilbert, in June of 1852, Might Tell Us Less Than You Think, A Meditation Explainer for Poets and Environmentalists, VFYW Contest: Readers On The Trail - Sensemaking Today.

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