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He had written about it before and, at that time, had requested that anyone who might have more information contact him. Článek kolísá mezi popisem známých fakt a nediskriminativním přejímáním tvrzení z pohledu konspiračních teoretiků, styl by měl být sjednocen a neutralisován. Podstatou experimentu mělo být „skrytí“ či „zneviditelnění“ torpédoborce USS Eldridge tak, aby nebyl zjistitelný nepřátelskými pozorovacími zařízeními. Government researchers try to re-create the 1943 "Philadelphia Experiment" to cloak warships, but their success has unintended consequences, forcing the survivor of the original experiment …,, Link catalogue for the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, Site debunking the claims of one Alfred Bielek, allegedly an eyewitness and survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment, Naval Historical Center's entry for the "Philadelphia Experiment", entry for the "Philadelphia Experiment", Skeptic's Dictionary entry for the "Philadelphia Experiment", Straight Dope on the Philadelphia Experiment,ý_experiment&oldid=18242784, Údržba:Články s dočasně použitou šablonou, licencí Creative Commons Uveďte autora – Zachovejte licenci. La trama si basa su diversi libri riguardanti il mito della scomparsa di una nave da guerra statunitense nel corso di un presunto esperimento di teletrasporto nel 1943, durante la seconda guerra mondiale, conosciuto come l'"esperimento di Filadelfia". How Stuff Works Retrieved 3/18/17 Plot Keywords In Italia il film è stato distribuito su DVD dalla Storm Video. Přeživší Alfred Bielek potvrzuje, že se jim podařilo cestovat v čase.[zdroj? Skeptoid retrieved 8/2/11 The ship were wrapped in large cables and zapped with high-voltage charges. Jim, who is suffering increasingly severe seizures, is hospitalized. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Since he is unfamiliar with the automatic transmission, David takes the driver, a woman named Allison (Nancy Allen), as a hostage and driver. She finds David and they kiss passionately. Observers simply see the ship disappear but sailors on board experience a bizarre and disorienting phase shift. When the experiment succeeds, it brings back the original ship (the Eldridge) that disappeared during the first test in 1943 - which brings death and destruction to the 21st century. In 'The Philadelphia Experiment', a secret government research project tries reviving the World War II "Philadelphia Experiment," which was an attempt to create a cloaking device to render warships invisible. In 1994, Jacques F. Vallee wrote an article about the Philadelphia Experiment. Allende tvrdil, že pozoroval zjevení a opětné zmizení torpédoborce, když sloužil na obchodní lodi SS Andrew Furuseth. The USS Eldridge, like most other Navy ships, especially in war times, had a thorough log of where it had been in October of 1943 and the months around it. Purportedly, some men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth saw a ship spontaneously appear in the water in Norfolk on October 28. The two men jump overboard to escape. | Back in 1943, Longstreet and others watch the Eldridge reappear in Philadelphia, and long-range observers note some crewmen are badly burned and others fused alive into the ship's hull. The story of the Philadelphia Experiment comes from a man named Carl Allen or “Carlos Allende,” his pseudonym. Firstly, it is common for such myths to borrow from the genius and fame of great scientists. However, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the ship completely disappears and Herdeg and Parker find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984. Worse, the experiment has left a vortex in 1984, which starts drawing matter into it. Kathryn Moore, the ruthless administrator of the project for Grey Water, wants to make the Eldridge and everything associated with it go away to protect her name and that of the company, which means destroying the Eldridge and killing Gardner with the help of the singularly minded mercenary for hire, Hagan. [1][2][3], Poznámka: O průběhu údajného experimentu bylo napsáno mnoho článků, které jsou někdy vzájemně protichůdné. So, there is no proof of Einstein’s connection to a naval project aimed at invisibility of solid objects and teleportation. He agreed to do the film, subject to the next rewrite which he thought was "terrible". "[1], Stewart Raffill says by the time he became involved with the film, the script had been rewritten nine times. The Philadelphia Experiment is an urban legend about a supposed U.S. Philadelphia Experiment can also refer to: Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term,, Disambiguation pages with short descriptions, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 08:09. From the burning wreck, David salvages documents mentioning Dr. Longstreet. Instead of landing in Philadelphia Harbor during the daytime, David and Jim land during the night in a small desert town, which then disappears as well, leaving them in the dark open desert. The Philadelphia Experiment (2012 TV Movie) Plot. 3. The Philadelphia Experiment is a 2012 made-for-TV science fiction film. David asks about himself and finds that he never came back. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Of course, rendering ships invisible or stealthy is always an interest, but that pertains to radar, not to the human eye. [zdroj?]. They did not find any evidence that the U.S. Navy was conducting experiments in teleportation. Historic Mysteries is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. As far as the U.S. Navy is concerned, no such technology exists. The Department of the Navy retrieved 8/2/11. David and Allison then evade military police, who have arrived to take David into custody. It's a big Universe full of wonders. Philadelphia Experiment II (also known as Philadelphia Experiment 2) is a 1993 science fiction film.It is the sequel to The Philadelphia Experiment (1984), with an entirely new cast and only two characters returning. It could also be that the story is completely false. USS Eldridge c. 1944. With the Eldridge comes its one sole survivor on board, Lieutenant Bill Gardner. The two manage to elude them when the pursuing vehicle crashes and burns. Perhaps that is why no U.S. ships currently have invisibility cloaks and teleportation devices. These logs are currently public information. Dave Roos of How Stuff Works discusses Dudgeon’s explanation in his article, “How the Philadelphia Worked”: [wpsm_quote author=”Dave Roos – How Stuff Works” float=”none” width=”100″]Far from being teleportation engines designed by Einstein (or aliens), the devices enabled the ships to scramble their magnetic signature using a technique called degaussing. Jim was from nearby California, so David decides to try to find his family. Parts of the film were shot in Salt Lake City and Wendover, Utah, Denver, Colorado, Santa Paula, California, and Charleston, South Carolina. What is interesting is that the tale of the Philadelphia Experiment has made it into the annals of American legend. In 'The Philadelphia Experiment', a secret government research project tries reviving the World War II "Philadelphia Experiment," which was an attempt to create a cloaking device to render warships invisible. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. He and Allison find the family listed in a phone book and drive to see them. No proof exists apart from the writings of Carlos Allende that supports the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. Tím by se objekt stal neviditelným. Teorie měla být aplikována tak, aby silné elektromagnetické pole způsobilo ohnutí světelných paprsků kolem objektu. During the experiment, the equipment begins malfunctioning. They find out the program has been revived in 1984, unexpectedly interacting with the experiment in 1943 and putting the entire world in danger. Jim eventually disappears from his hospital bed in a corona of energy. All rights reserved. An energy discharge from Jim destroys two arcade games in the diner, and the angry diner owner grabs a revolver, demanding that Jim pay for the damages. Oftentimes, it is easy to refute these myths because the works of great men are typically followed closely. V tomto článku byl použit překlad textu z článku Philadelphia Experiment na anglické Wikipedii. Les currently resides in London and is a freelance writer with a long standing passion for the unexplained and paranormal. The Philadelphia Experiment The Movies - Detailed information on the three movies (영어) The Philadelphia Experiment - 인터넷 영화 데이터베이스 (영어) 필라델피아 특명 – 로튼 토마토 (영어) The Philadelphia Experiment – 올무비 (영어) The Philadelphia Experiment (2012) - 인터넷 영화 데이터베이스 Kolem údajného experimentu existuje mnoho dohadů a konspiračních teorií. In this version, a government agency is doing work on the original Philadelphia Experiment when something goes wrong and the ship Eldridge ends up floating around in time.

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