theme of education in hard times

In both The Wire and Hard Times at Douglass High, the students, community, and schools all suffer from abject poverty. For Dickens, education had the potential to rescue working-class children from the ravages of industrialisation and from the dangers that lurked in the sprawling city. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. Dickens believed in the extension of education on sound principles to all citizens; yet he did not offer specific strategies for achieving this aim. that he was raised by parents who were loving, albeit poor, and The boy was made to strip or at least lower his braces, let his trousers down and received his dose in the lower part of the back, or as it was regularly termed his “backside” and the Doctor was summoned to witness it. Language shapes the perspective of human knowledge and communication, which is where the theme of, at your flaws and look at your talents. This view was shared by Dickens who, after strolling through one poverty stricken part of London, noted that the children: are the very dregs of the population of the largest city in the world – human waifs and strays of the modern Babylon; the children of poverty, and misery and crime; in very many cases labouring under physical defects, such as bad sight or hearing; almost always stunted in growth, and bearing the stamp of ugliness and suffering on their features. While Squeers's designs are undeniably malevolent, in Dombey and Son Dickens focuses on a well-intentioned schoolmaster whose shortcoming is a deficient methodology. While Kay-Shuttleworth's influence and expertise were recognised by both Dickens and Angela Burdett-Coutts (who enlisted the reformer's aid in developing the mark system for Urania Cottage), there were other issues on which he and Dickens diverged -- particularly educational methods, school inspections, and teacher training. Dickens formed his opinions on education through his frequent forays into working-class neighbourhoods, visiting schools and exploring the forms of educational provision for local paupers. His formal schooling resumed in 1825, when he was sent to Wellington House Classical and Commercial Academy, run by the sadistic William Jones, who was the original for Mr. Creakle, and whose school was the inspiration for Salem House (DC 5-7). In other words, he suggests that perhaps This comment is characteristic of a larger controversy: for much of the nineteenth century the issue of religious education proved to be the key obstacle in developing a pervasive national school system. He never joined any of the reforming societies, and seemed more comfortable dealing with particular cases and large principles, rather than legislation and administration. Dickens contrasts mechanical or man-made time with natural Mr Gradgrind was the founder of Coke Town School and ‘a man of realities’ and ‘a man of fact and calculations’.

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