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Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Beware mortal, if you are spotted here, you be caught on sight! When Tarecgosa enters the room, another sentinel appears. 1. Show Me What You've Got Not Tracking Progress, "The Stormwind Extraction" NPCs Won’t Progress in Stage 5, I am getting stuck on the 2nd disc because the other ones are not moving, Tarecgosa is stuck in the tunnel and won't move, Mobs in the instance are evading amd Icebound Sentinel keeps casting arcane binding. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. However, Arygos has betrayed Azeroth to Deathwing, and Tarecgosa sacrifices herself to save Kalecgos. Last fight was the tough one for me. Just use Drain Life liberally as a filler and when killing the big adds, make sure to click the orbs around the platform to give yourself a shield. Killing the dog when Taregosa does her 'breathe fire on the icewall' thing = simple. Kill add ASAP and continue burning boss down. I know of the device you carry, and I recognize Anachronos' magic in its creation. You want to steal, not dispel, this as much as possible as it heals you and protects you. I am getting stuck on the 2nd disc because the other ones are not moving. First time you "fight" Thyrinar is a fake-out. "Through a Glass, Darkly" is a Biblical metaphor reference about seeing things clearly, in this case "Obscure Event Witnessed" provided you have a Timeless Eye; the glass/lense in the metaphor. Tarecgosa says: Careful! When you enter the portal, you'll be transported to a phased version of the instance. You will be attacked by Ceredos, an 85 Elite. So im doing the quest for the legendary, and i go into the nexus and fight the gaurds and do all that cool stuff. Click on the orbs to keep shield on you to reduce damage from mobs and blast (a warning will be shouted when the blast is coming). Arygos, surrounded by several blue dragons channeling a spell, stands in the center. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Smaller mobs (one or two) will rise and engage you. By switching to demo here, I just Metamorphosis/ Immo Aura / Hellfired my way up the ramp with little to no difficulty with adds. If we are caught, it will be the end of both of us. You must fight your way through, defeating a ferocious twilight dragon named Thyrinar. Tarecgosa says: Protect me while I break the barrier. Also simple was the platform room. 5. Nordrassil's Bough. Meet her on the platform where you once fought Anomalus. Once both of them are dead, hop onto the smaller platform and it'll keep moving you forward. After the creation of the [Timeless Eye], you must then bring it to Coldarra and "search out a place suitable for the Eye's activatio… Actionable Intelligence. Rejuv if below 80k HP while Add and/or laser is up, HT if below 80k HP with out Add and/or laser up, Instant SS @Add if up or hold if it is running up the ramp, Instant SS @Boss if Add is NOT up or will NOT be up soon. Just beat the hell out of the doggy and move when he starts to cast his spellflame or whatever. Instructions on how to use Looking Glass. Going Above and Beyond: A Guide for Obtainable Feats of Strength,, The Stuff of Legends - An In-depth Guide to "Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest",,,,,,,,,,,,, Quick Facts; Series; 1. We have arrived. Help Tarecgosa defeat it, same drill as before. You will require my assistance if you hope to succeed. Tarecgosa says: Follow me, mortal. I've also seen this done just staying affliction using Fel Flame. You're on smaller platform, kill mob on bigger platform as it comes to you. Tarecgosa says: I'll handle this one. Continue following her down the hall, where you are spotted by an Icebound Sentinel. Download the client and get started. Arygos says: And once this new order is established, my place will be secure, yes? The camera pans to reveal Deathwing, flying in the abyss before the platform. Wahoo! 3. There is but one place in all of Coldarra that would allow this Timeless Eye to be used discreetly. And whenever you are upstairs, go close to him, so your pet are in range with Spell Lock and Devour Magic. Once the last sentinel falls, Tarecgosa heads out of the Librarium towards the Rift. When another sentinel spots you, it will dash up the hall. Just after I killed the three dogs (as affliction: abuse Soul Swap liberally on this quest btw) after being ice-blocked. HT should be your only hard cast once the fight gets going. For certain classes (those without self-heals?) Look into the Eye of Eternity at the Nether Vortex in the Nexus. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. While on the quest  [85] Actionable Intelligence, Kalecgos reveals the following background about Tarecgosa: Who is Tarecgosa? Keep moving to avoid its ice spike abilities. Don't kill the Icebound Sentinels even though you can or else the instance could bug out. This article had the information I needed. If you wipe on the dragon, a portal is suppose to spawn at the entrance to take you back. Twilight dragons? Apparently, it is to stupid to run over to the boss and cast spells if you are too far away. Avoid his breath at all costs! Use the orbs to restore mana or go AFK for a while. Use Innervate as soon as you hit 78% mana heals are not cheap fortunately the balance spells are. CC one of them and engage the other, keeping the shield on you at all times. Speak to Tarecgosa to end the quest. Simple basic mechanic and it shouldn't really cause trouble. Look into the Eye of Eternity at the Nether Vortex in the Nexus. Platforms should now spawn in correctly, allowing players to complete the quest. See if you can find any others. Meet Tarecgosa inside the Nexus where she will escort you to the rift. Click to watch this video in a web browser. If you are unable to move past part of quest Through a Glass, Darkly, restart and proceed with the quest slowly.Keep pace with Tarecgosa (do not outrun her) and take … There's no other way... Tarecgosa will encase you in an ice block. Only fight the mob the platform takes you to and not other mobs within reach. (Yay finally something that doesn't cause me to reset this again.). When you have arrived at Coldarra, you are stopped by Tarecgosa, who warns you that this place is no longer suitable for your kind. THE GREAT THING ABOUT GETTING HERE IS: ... if you die, you'll get a portal.... finally IE: Kill those last 2 giants, and if you die on the next part,like me - you zone back into the Nexus and for once DON'T have to do it all over again! She will aide you in fighting many of Arygos' Twilight wardens as you travel to the center, to the Nether Vortex. Give me your worst! Save your Heart of the Wild for wrath-spamming when you fight Thyrinar for real on the main rift platform (marked with a skull on your map). I know of the device you carry, and I recognize Anachronos' magic in its creation. I did switch to my Demo spec at one point. Here?? As noted I used a drain life filler in addition to my dots (and I did use Bane of Agony for easy soul swapping).

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