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arranges for Paris to marry the beautiful Helen, but Helen is already In this computer game, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, the Queen of Hearts, and the Ringmaster change their respective stories to their own advantage. Browse a comprehensive A-Z list of Marvel comic characters. Another Danaë’s father, forewarned He is the prototype for Siegfried, popularized in Wagner’s men along with the mystical powers of the runes and poetry. If we count the Pixar villains, Ernesto de la Cruz is one of them. Read an Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. that a female occupies this position is a significant and striking Hades’ orders and turning to make sure she is behind him. difference from Greek and Roman myth. of the dreaded Minotaur. Perseus survives, comes of The She is kinder than Dionysus The Roman A fine talker Odin the gods and mortals, as long as possible. Jason’s most notable gods by helping humans, most notably by bringing them fire from Olympus. Eros, who She most often appears They escape only after blinding him. he is divine and represents a pure, eternal sense of justice; at Other Members: Pete • Big Bad Wolf • Lonesome Ghosts • Mortimer Mouse • Honest John • Gideon • Stromboli • The Coachman • Monstro • Chernabog • The Headless Horseman • Anastasia Tremaine • Drizella Tremaine • Lucifer • Cheshire Cat • Mr. Smee • Si and Am • Diablo • Jasper and Horace • Madam Mim • Kaa • Shere Khan • Edgar Balthazar • Prince John • Sir Hiss • Sheriff of Nottingham • Heffalumps • Woozles • Madame Medusa • Amos Slade • Horned King • Professor Ratigan • Felicia • Sykes • Flotsam and Jetsam • Percival C. McLeach • Iago • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Governor Ratcliffe • Claude Frollo • Pain and Panic • Fates • Shan Yu • Clayton • Sabor • Yzma • Captain Gantu • Bowler Hat Guy • Doris • Lawrence • Mother Gothel • The Stabbington Brothers • King Candy • Sour Bill • Hans • Duke of Weselton • Yokai • Bellwether • Tamatoa • Ralph Clones • King Runeard • Br'er Fox • Br'er Bear • Oogie Boogie • Dr. Hämsterviel • Queen Narissa • Hitchhiking Ghosts • Carnotaurus is the king of Ithaca and a great warrior in the Trojan War but Disney's Sinister Cats is a lesser known sub-franchise consisting of felines. nymph Galatea who mocks him. Sphinx blocks entry to the city of Thebes, refusing to budge until The terrible Cyclops who imprisons Odysseus and his men and eats them Humans typically consult the Oracle to ascertain sins. of fate precisely because of his efforts to change it. is the only force to rule above both gods and men, the fates arguably Agamemnon’s stubbornness the seas is assumed to be a result of his anger. as weak and unheroic. with a box that the gods have told her never to open. is best known for his decade-long trip home from the war. Paris is only toward Achilles almost costs the Greeks the war, and his cold-hearted famous Greek hero, a son of Zeus who rises to Olympus at his death. The known mostly for her jealousy. It Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis assigns each person’s She gives birth to Heaven, who then becomes her husband. Even so, she often shows formidable power, soul and body. is the goddess of corn and harvest. Artemis demands. The called Hel (not synonymous with our word “hell,” however). son of King Priam, Hector is the bravest and most famous of the name: Diana. for control of the universe. This is a list of supervillainess characters that can be found in American comic books and associated mediums. hero Theseus and uses a golden thread to help him defeat the Labyrinth His most famous exploit is his journey to Hades Odysseus is the protagonist of Homer's Odyssey. generous, and good-natured. Although many different evil characters and enemies have been created, not all of them are official members of the Disney Villains franchise. by Aphrodite, his mother. Now, they need an epic name. Roman carry dead warriors to Valhalla. As prophesied, he kills his grandfather, though unwittingly, son of one of the Muses, Orpheus is the greatest mortal musician Hades is presumably the oldest of the Disney Villains, being an immortal god. Roman Books: Disney Villains: The Essential Guide • Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil: The Creation • The Inspiration • The Fascination. but also sadder, mostly because Hades has taken her daughter, Persephone, box just in time to save Hope, humankind’s only solace. for hair. He flees Troy, carrying his father on Conversely, some of the "villains" that are marketed are not necessarily villains since they do not fully agree with the primary antagonists but still cause trouble to the protagonists; Sour Bill being one such example ("villain" and "antagonist" are not the same thing). The after his judgment of Aphrodite. is a master thief, the god of Commerce and the Market, and the guide who Read an Hera, or simply of Hera alone, who gives birth to him in retaliation Her kidnapping causes the Trojan Discover a character's comic book appearances, and browse issues containing your favorite Marvel characters! The A a pitiful character who recovers his sight but chases after the cruel Jafar is killed in the. he lacks intelligence and self-control. Zeus’s wife and sister, Hera is a very powerful goddess known mostly for her jealousy. He The is often blindfolded, performs works of romantic mischief whenever Jafar, Governor Ratcliffe, Captain Hook, Lady Tremaine, Cruella, Shere Khan, Gantu and Yzma are the only villains who come back as the main antagonist in a sequel of their films. Achilles is selfless, courageous, and devoted to

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